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The Feel-Good Exercise for New Yorkers

Maybe you’re feeling blah from overindulgence. Or stressed from free-floating anxiety. Or just a little bloated and discouraged when you realize Memorial Day (aka the launch of swimsuit season) is 100 days away.

Beat. Your. Feelings. Up. At Rumble, Chelsea’s new group fitness class that mixes boxing, high-intensity interval training and metabolic conditioning. You’ll work toward the toned, super-strong muscles of a fitness model (seriously, this is where models go) in a fun atmosphere. And you can sign up for one of five PureWow-sponsored complimentary classes to see what it's all about.

To the pounding beats of Biggie and Beyoncé, you'll start your 45-minute class warming up and shadowboxing, then split the remainder clobbering water-filled heavy bags and working specific muscle groups at a conditioning station. You'll leave feeling energized and powered up—and not just from the lockers with built-in charging stations for your phone.

Try it today. Because those abs aren't going to tighten themselves.

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