Whoa, Science Says Relationships Can Change Your Sense of Taste and Smell
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You never ate olives when you were single, but a few months into your serious relationship (plus a few pasta puttanesca dinners) and you’re a total convert.

According to a recent study published in Appetite journal, your taste and smell preferences (aka what you do and don’t like to eat) can actually change over time to become more in sync with those of your partner. Pretty crazy, right?

Researchers studied 100 couples who had been in a relationship from three months to 45 years and measured their responses to different smells and flavors. They found that the longer two people had been together, the more alike their preferences were. This proved true regardless of relationship satisfaction.

The reason why? “As partners share a household (including kitchen and fridge) and a significant proportion of meals, they are much likely to eat similar types of food,” say researchers. And when you start eating new ingredients on the reg, then your taste preferences can change. 

Guess it’s only a matter of time before your one and only catches on to the deliciousness that is cauliflower mac and cheese—date night is about to become way more decadent.

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