25 Easy Random Acts of Kindness That Will Brighten Someone's Day

Friendly reminder: Not every type of philanthropy is a major commitment. In fact, sometimes a little extra effort in the kindness department is really all it takes to make someone’s day. In the spirit of doing unto others, we rounded up 25 random acts of kindness that ask almost nothing of you but give back so much goodness in return.

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1. Leave a book or magazine that you just finished on a bench or train for someone else to enjoy.

2. Plant flowers in a public space that’s been overlooked.

3. And pick up garbage off the street (or the beach) when you see it.

4. Take a break from your Ebay-ing and donate that bridesmaid dress to the Goodwill instead.

5. Invite someone whose family lives far away to have dinner with yours (especially around the holidays). 


6. Send your mom/mother figure a big surprise bouquet of flowers. Just cuz.  

7. Bring your neighbor’s trash cans in from the street after pickup if you see they're still out.

8. Leave a glowing Yelp review for the last restaurant you loved.

9. Go out of your way to be warm and kind to someone you don’t really like. (They might not be so bad after all.)

10. Hold the elevator—even if you’re in a rush.


11. The next time you’re at the coffee shop, treat the person in line behind you. 

12. Buy or make a sandwich for a homeless person.

13. Share your umbrella with a stranger if you’re caught in a rainstorm.

14. If you've got a full cart at the grocery store and the person behind you has only a few items, let her in front of you.

15. Call your parents (often) just to ask how their day is going. And don't forget to tell them you love them.


16. Send handwritten thank-you notes (in lieu of texts) for the smallest of reasons (“Thanks for letting me vent about my boss yesterday, I really needed it!”).

17. Put change in someone else’s parking meter if you notice their time is about to expire.

18. Let people merge ahead of you, even if you were there first. (Better yet, do so with a wave and a smile).

19. See a stranger with an amazing dress? Compliment her!

20. Leave post-it love notes around the house (front door, bathroom mirror, etc.) for your family to come home to.


21. Text a friend out of the blue and tell them your favorite thing about them. (“You have the best laugh, Annabelle!”)

22. Send a colleague a quick email praising her for an accomplishment at work.

23. Amazing waiter or salesperson? Let the manager know it.

24. Offer to take a picture for tourists (or teenyboppers), if you see them struggling to selfie.

25. Finally start carrying around a refillable water bottle. (The planet needs kindness too).

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