Two great Los Angeles clichés: sunglasses and chakras. Now you can double-down on both by wearing the über-colorful line from RainbowOptx that stimulate your depleted chakras—wait, what? You read that right. These aren’t just trendy; they’re mood-balancing sunglasses. Here’s what you’re probably wondering….

Need a chakra refresher? (You must be new to L.A.) Ayurvedic medicine says that the seven chakras in our bodies correspond with energy centers that affect our psychological, emotional and spiritual health. Each chakra has a corresponding color—you can see them all here.

Right, so do these sunglasses “boost” your mood? These work by letting in big doses of whatever colored light matches the chakra you want to stimulate. So if you want to feel and speak more calmly, for example, look through the soothing blue shades that correspond to the throat chakra. Want to feel more loving? Try the rose shades (heart chakra, natch).

What happened when you tried them out? We tried a pair of aqua wayfarers, and we seriously noticed a calming effect. It makes sense, because aqua is a combination of blue (throat chakra, communication) and green (heart chakra, center for love and compassion). So, yeah, we felt less aggravated and way more chill. Placebo effect? Who knows. Or maybe it was all the compliments we got for the distinctive monotone frames and lenses. That certainly made us feel better.

Increased mood aside, do they come in different styles? Yes. Along with the color of chakras, the frames come in wayfarer, round, cat eye, aviator and heart shapes. And hey, even if you’re not into the whole chakra thing, you gotta admit, these sunnies are pretty damn cute.

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