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PSA: Deodorant with Good Bacteria Could Help Get Rid of B.O.
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Probiotics are everywhere: in supplements, in trendy fermented beverages like kombucha and, most recently, in skin-care products. Think face creams and serums, but also body sprays and deodorants. (Which is great because a girl needs options when it comes to personal hygiene.) 

OK, we’re the first to admit that bacteria-laden deodorant sounds, um, gross, and highly unlikely to keep you smelling fresh, but we were pleasantly surprised by the results. Let us explain.

Since sweat itself doesn't produce odor (it's actually the microorganisms on your skin feeding off of dead cells and bacteria), the excessive washing and wiping we do on a daily basis can create an imbalance in the good bacteria that’s on our skin, causing the smelly or “bad” bacteria to take over. By adding more friendly bacteria via your deo, you’re setting things back into equilibrium. 

We’re partial to this eucalyptus and spearmint stick because it makes us smell like a crisp summer day in the Canadian Rockies without any questionable ingredients in the formula. Well, except bacteria. But it’s a good kind, so bring it.

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