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You can spend approximately 3,567 hours a month rubbing in lotions, creams and scrubs to get a noticeable, but subtle, effect. And girl, you look good. But there’s something about Janet in sales. Like she’s wearing an IRL Valencia filter (i.e. she looks great). Well, word on the street is that in-office procedures that don’t require general anesthesia (or even knives, for that matter) are trending, even among women under 40. Here are your super-rested-looking friends’ secrets.

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What it is: It’s still the most-requested quick fix to eliminate forehead and eye-area wrinkles.

Procedure: Superthin needles inject a bacterial toxin into specific muscles.

Recovery time: Patients love the face-freezing effects so much, says bicoastal plastic surgeon Steven Ip, they have to be stopped from “stacking Botox.” That’s where patients don’t wait the four to six months for their injections to fully wear off before getting more, so their bodies build up an immunity, requiring more units (and more cost) per injection.

Average cost: from $200

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What it is: The new gold standard of dermal fillers that plump up your face. Especially popular for filling in the deep lines resembling parentheses around the mouth, this in-office injection of hyaluronic acid (a naturally occurring sugar that attracts water, hence, fullness) lasts nine months to a year.

Procedure: Gel is injected into deep lines to fill them out.

Recovery time: Some bruising and swelling might occur for up to two weeks afterward.

Average cost: from $500

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What it is: A special formulation of hyaluronic acid that’s less POW! than traditional dermal fillers, this is used to fill out fine lines around the lips and forehead.

Procedure: Small injections are made into the dermis of the lips.

Recovery time: Up to two weeks for full effects to render and swelling to subside

Average price: from $500

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What it is: The latest quick fix for a bikini-ready bod without the time and exertion of Barry’s Bootcamp.

Procedure: Basically, super-cold bags of water are placed against the skin, which freezes and kills fat cells so that they can be naturally eliminated from the body via sweat and urine.

Recovery time: You’re good to go right out of the office. Plus, you can count on a 20 percent reduction right away, and bonus—the fat is never supposed to return to that area.

Average price: approximately $1,400 for the two sessions required

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