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It never fails: We pack our workout gear with every intention of tri-weekly sweat sessions…only to have our Nikes sit untouched until August. Vacation is Kryptonite to workout regimens, but it’s not too late. We tapped our friends at New York Pilates for a foolproof routine you can do on the beach—or back at your apartment in the city.

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new york pilates 100s HAMP
Brion Isaacs

Pilates 100s

The move: Start on your back with knees extended. Engage abs, inhale and pulse arms up and down. Inhale for 5 then exhale for 5. Be sure to keep the tension out of your neck. 

Pro tip: To keep tension out of your neck, curl as high as you can.

Reps: 3 sets of 100.

new york pilates side plank HAMP
Brion Isaacs

Pilates Forearm Side Legs

The move: Start on your side with your elbow under your shoulder and top leg long. Gaze forward and lift and lower your extended leg by using your side glute muscles. Be sure to keep your pelvis still as you lift and lower. 

Pro tip: Activate your lats and obliques to stabilize your shoulder blade.

Reps: 3 sets of 20 (or until you feel fatigued) on each side.

new york pilates forearm plank HAMP
Brion Isaacs

Forearm plank with knee crunch

The move: Start in forearm elbow plank, with hands flat on the ground and arms bent at 90-degree angles. Then bend the knee toward the chest while keeping a flat back. It's super important to keep the pelvis as still as possible while moving. Hold the knee for a quick second, and then bring the toes back to plank.  

Pro tip: Keep your neck comfortable by looking slightly forward.

Reps: 3 sets of 20 or until you feel fatigued.

Sunglasses by Chanel; shoes by Robert Clergerie; suit by A Détacher; images and art direction by Brion Isaacs; styled by Heather Andersen; art direction by Brion Isaacs

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