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Help! My Partner and I Like to Sleep in Totally Different Temperatures
Dean Mitchell/Getty Images

 Some people can only fall asleep in a chilly room. Others want to be toasty. None of this is an issue when you’re the sole starfish in your bed. But when you start sharing that space with someone who doesn’t agree with your preferred temperature, it becomes a nightly battle. Here, three ways for both parties to sleep more soundly.

1. Make a compromise. If you like the temperature at 70 degrees and he likes it at 60, set the thermostat to 65. Or trade off: Tonight, keep it at 70, but know you’ll need an extra blanket tomorrow.

2. Layer strategically. Whether it’s investing in thicker pajamas for the one who likes to be warm or getting a lighter blanket for the one who prefers to be cool, there are ways beyond the thermostat to stay comfortable. Heck, try one of those electric blankets with dual programming so you and your partner can adjust your sides accordingly.

3. Get a larger mattress. A full-size and sometimes even a queen-size bed can be a tad snug for two grown adults. Upgrade to a larger bed so that the person who prefers a cooler temp isn’t as affected by the other’s body heat. (And giant mountain of blankets.)

Bottom line: You’re in this together. Though it’s easy to get cranky with your partner, subtle adjustments on both sides can lead to a better night’s rest.

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