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Italy Might Start Offering Paid Menstrual Leave to Female Employees (So Let’s All Move)
martin-dm/Getty Images

There are plenty of reasons we’d love to move to Italy (hello, Neapolitan pizza, Carbonara and Montepulciano wine). But the best reason of all? Paid period leave.

Yep, Italy may soon become the first Western country to offer women paid time off when they’re menstruating. 

The country’s parliament is currently discussing the proposal, and if it goes through, women who experience painful periods will be excused from work for up to three days per month.

It will join Asian countries like Japan and Taiwan, who offer similar menstrual leave benefits. Last year, a small non-profit company in the U.K. made headlines when it adopted the policy, but no Western countries have made it a law…yet. (Your move, America).

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