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Just as you always feel a surge of energy (and let’s be honest, giddy excitement) on Fridays, there’s a familiar dread that sets in on Sunday evenings. To combat that, here are six ways to take back your Sundays and fully enjoy your weekends.


Plan ahead

While it’s tempting to just phone it in on Fridays, doing a little prep work before you head out of the office goes a long way. So make your to-do lists, clear off your desk and respond to those lingering emails so you don’t have anything hanging over your head come Sunday night. 


Start the day off with some exercise

Sundays don’t have to be lazy--and exercise doesn’t have to mean slogging away on the treadmill or working yourself to the point of exhaustion in that spin class. Even if it’s just a steady stroll or bike ride, a little movement will release mood-boosting endorphins and put you in a better state of mind for the rest of the day.

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Swap your days

For some reason, we tend to schedule any fun activities for Friday and Saturday and leave all of the tedious chores for Sunday--which only adds to the blues you’re already feeling about the weekend ending. Instead, plan something fun for Sunday afternoon and space out your chores during the week so you free up time to do things you enjoy during the weekend.


Be social IRL

But try to skip social media for a day. A little human interaction is good for the soul. Enlist a friend to join you for that morning walk instead of mindlessly scrolling through her Facebook--which, as we all know, is a huge time suck that usually ends with you wondering why your old college roommate seems to be living a more fabulous life than you are. See, you are enjoying said fabulous life.



Pamper yourself

Whether it’s getting a much-needed pedicure or massage (or slapping on a face mask while you catch up on Real Housewives), carve out some time to do something special for your body so you’ll be nice and glowing for the week ahead.


Skip the late-night TV

Maybe hold off on that episode of Game of Thrones on Sunday night, which can leave you in a more anxious state, rather than the calm, relaxed one you want to start a new week with. Plus, if you save the episode for later, you already have something to look forward to going into the new week.

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