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Office Petting Zoos Are Now a Thing, and We Want One

Fact: Few things in life can’t be improved by throwing adorable animals into the mix. Take, for example, a stressful workday. Imagine if, in between the deadlines, meetings and paperwork, you could take a few moments to cuddle with a puppy, rabbit or—gah—a teacup pig? Oh, but you can.

Companies across the country are turning to traveling petting zoos as a way to help employees de-stress, reports The Washington Post. And there’s actually scientific evidence to back them up—research has shown that just petting a dog can reduce feelings of anxiety and increase feelings of calm. Playing with animals on company time? Sign. Us. Up.

The way it works is simple. Specialized petting zoos or “animal parties” bring office-friendly creatures into the workplace, like dogs, cats, miniature pigs, hedgehogs, guinea pigs and tortoises. (Apparently ducks can get a bit messy.) Employees spend an hour or so hanging out with the adorable little guys and then return to their workday feeling happier, more relaxed and ready to adopt a pig (we imagine). 

BRB, forwarding this article to Anne in HR immediately.

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