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Your October 2018 Horoscopes

It's no coincidence that the month of all things spooky—Halloween, shorter days, colder weather, the extension deadline for taxes—is also when Scorpio season kicks off. This is the time of year to get in touch with our dark sides and contemplate what we really want (sex, pizza, a new Lexus) versus what we should want (I mean, yes, world peace would pair well with my new Lexus).

But this October it will be especially challenging to sort the fool’s gold from the real stuff as Venus goes retrograde on the 5th. While she’s backward-moving, she’ll force us to reevaluate our perspective on all things related to love, beauty and possessions. That means it’s time to finally donate that velvet blazer you actually hate wearing but love that you bought for 70 percent off.

But the new moon on the 8th in fair-minded Libra will allow us time to make up our minds about significant others and/or close friends. The right decision is usually worth waiting for, even if it takes us so…so…long.

Finally, on the 24th, we have a full moon in Taurus, nicknamed the Hunter’s Moon because it was traditionally a signal to hunt and preserve meat ahead of the coming winter. Astrologically speaking, this moon will bring major clarity around issues of money and whom we can trust. When we’re finally (finally!) ready to make some decisions, we’ll have all the information we need.

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6 Libra  

The new moon on the 8th is all about how you feel about yourself. If you’ve been getting a lot of notes from external sources lately, now is the time to kindly show them the door. Venus in retrograde on the 5th will demand that you cultivate real self-esteem over mere vanity, so you don’t have to stare at every window you walk by to feel good about yourself (just a few…).

On the 10th, keep your receipts handy, because you may find yourself arguing with friends or loved ones over money. If a conflict can’t be avoided, then the 15th should bring harmony and resolution, and everyone will be seeing eye to eye on how to split checks going forward.

The Hunter’s Moon will see you paid for your side hustle, and if you’ve been waiting on a check or commission, it’ll finally come through. But it won’t be easy. You may have to nag and negotiate and pull teeth, which is never fun. But you will prevail, Libra… You always do.

7 Scorpio  

If you’re moody on the 2nd, don’t overextend yourself socially. In fact, if you need to take a personal day and are able, go for it. It’s not hooky when it’s prescribed by the stars.

Venus is going retrograde in your sign on the 5th, and throughout the month, it may feel like people aren’t on your side even when they really are (ugh). To spare yourself, practice lowering the bar for what you expect from your BFFs during this time, especially on the 10th, the 17th and the 19th. If they text you back “k,” try not to declare war (even though that would be justified!).

The 23rd is official Scorpio season (happy birthday!), which comes right before the Hunter’s Moon. This full moon may be a heavy one, spotlighting issues in your marriage (or business relationship) that need attention asap. It may be a theme all year, so take it seriously. This may not be the end, but think of it as an investment in your relationship infrastructure: The bridges haven’t collapsed, but you’re reinforcing the concrete. With love.

8 Sagittarius  

As Venus goes retrograde on the 5th, you may find yourself really valuing your alone time. It doesn’t mean you’re about to become a shut-in, Sagittarius—au contraire, there’s a lot more to explore when you aren’t stuck in scheduling hell with someone else (our calendars show a mutual open window for 20 minutes three Wednesdays from now!). You might visit a museum or take in a movie, or you could drive to the Costco a few towns over just to see what’s up. Freedom is like oxygen to you, and you will breathe deeply this month.

The new moon on the 8th might introduce you to someone very appealing, so if you’re unattached, keep those dating apps open this month. If you are involved, plan a romantic evening sometime this week that incorporates one of your inside jokes. It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else why you brought a stuffed ostrich to an Italian restaurant—your boo will know.

The Hunter’s Moon on the 24th will release some tension at work, and your job is to keep the explosions to a minimum. If you’ve been butting heads with a coworker or a boss, diplomacy and tact is your way out. You may not be able to prevent a confrontation, but you can hold your head high if you resist the urge to savagely destroy your foe with a sharp-tongued read.


On the 2nd, watch the urge to gossip about a boss or powerful colleague. Just because your information is correct (of course it is, you know how to make any canary sing) doesn’t mean you should use it. If you get caught with your foot in your mouth, the new moon on the 8th will give you an occasion to make things right and level things with any VIPs. Your reputation will not be compromised.

When you’re out of the office, make time for the friends you love this month. The 22nd (or the weekend before it) is an especially good time for a short trip with a big group (maybe a cabin in the woods for roasted marshmallows and scary stories).

The full moon on the 24th brings closure with someone you’ve been seeing. If you were feeling wishy-washy—or getting wishy-washy vibes—you may call it quits, and it’s likely you’ll both feel it was for the best. You’ve never been the wishy-washy type anyway, Capricorn.

10 Aquarius  

With Venus going retrograde on the 5th, and then the new moon peaking on the 8th, this is a perfect opportunity for you to breathe new life into old ideas, especially any written or media-related projects. You’ve always been creative, Aquarius, and early October is fertile ground for you to finally make something work. You knew your ideas were good, and they will take root if you put some gusto behind them now.

Meanwhile, the Hunter’s Moon on the 24th may shake you out of your comfort zone at home. Even if you don’t end up literally moving or remodeling (although you might), you may feel a little put out and uncomfortable. Maybe you’ve been “in the process of moving in” for the last (cough) one or six years, and this moon will make you realize it’s not really home until you hang up the “Bless This Mess” sign (or whatever domestic cliché tickles your fancy).

11 Pisces  

You may feel extra sensitive to little digs here and there from cranky friends on the 1st and 2nd. Don’t beat yourself up; you’re one of the most intuitive and emotionally intelligent signs in the zodiac, and you know when something’s up. If you want to hide from social interactions to proactively prevent yourself, no one can judge you...

The new moon on the 8th brings the promise of a brighter financial future (yes, honey, we need this!). Maybe you haven’t been paying much attention to your income relative to your spending habits this summer, but you likely encountered some reckoning in September, and now is your cosmic opportunity to chart a more responsible and lucrative course for yourself. Set up an app like Acorns that will invest your spare change, or commit to paying off your credit card by a certain date. Venus in retrograde will actually help you reexamine financial habits and start building wealth that pays dividends.

On the 24th, the Hunter’s Moon will help you reframe a problem that’s been bugging you, maybe with regard to family or your siblings. If you’ve been holding onto a grudge or a misunderstanding, you’ll have all of the information now to move forward—even if you want to keep the grudge!

12 Aries  

You might have to bite your tongue on the 2nd, when you want to say something that is based in truth…but is also really mean. If you can’t resist letting out a good zinger, then the new moon on the 8th is your opportunity to make amends. Treat your BFF or significant other to pizza, and all will be forgiven.

The 15th is a perfect day (or night) to have a sexy talk with someone, well, sexy. If you’re not coupled up, this might be one of those hot, flirty conversations when sparks start to really fly.

Finally, the Hunter’s Moon on the 24th brings closure to money concerns that have been building up. Didn't get the raise you were promised? It’s still coming, but you’ll have a better sense of the real timeline after this moon.

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1 Taurus  

When Venus goes retrograde on the 5th, an argument you thought you put to bed with your spouse or a business partner may show its face again. The key will be patience even though you want to pop off because this beef should have been squashed long ago!

On the 8th, the new moon may bring some good news at work. Maybe you and your office BFF will get to work on the same team, or maybe Mindy from HR will finally stop telling you to “apply for SNL” just because you made one pun like, six months ago, and yeah, it killed, but what’s your point, Mindy?

Meanwhile after the Hunter’s Moon on the 24th, you will finish something only you can do. Whether it’s big (writing that magnus opus) or small (figuring out how to change the lightbulbs in your kitchen with high ceilings), the victory is all yours.

2 Gemini  

Venus might be retrograde, but the new moon on the 8th brings some very lucky vibes to your love life. Not coupled up? Put on one of the outfits you’ve been saving for a sexy night, because it might be a sexy night soon.

On the 15th, let impostor syndrome fall away (an ongoing struggle, truly), because when you express your ideas on this day, everyone, VIPs included, Twitter followers, et al, will be paying attention. Don’t hide your light, Gemini.

And although this is a month for you to shine, you don’t want to burn out. The Hunter’s Moon on the 24th will ask you to pace yourself and make sure you apply some balance to your life. If you want to get literal about it, not a bad time to practice your Warrior III pose...

3 Cancer  

When you and your spouse don’t see eye to eye, you’re usually pretty coolheaded about it. So it may surprise you how tempting it is to snap at each other on the 2nd. No matter whose job it is to clean out that little lint collector in the dryer (um, not yours), it’s probably not worth that much drama. Use the new moon on the 8th to smooth things over with a romantic gesture (hot folded laundry with a little love note tucked inside?).

If you’re dating, the Hunter’s Moon on the 24th may lead you to break it off. It sounds like a bummer, but remember, full moons show us where the weakness is, and most pass by without any big consequence. So, if this one trips you up, realize that it’s saving you from a bigger fall later.

4 Leo  

Your grand home improvement plans may be stalled for any number of reasons after Venus goes retrograde on the 5th. Maybe you keep changing your mind about what light fixtures will complete the French country vibe you’re going for. The new moon on the 8th will help untie your tongue when it comes to articulating this vision, so be sure to write down actionable goals that pertain to your *V*I*S*I*O*N*.

If you’ve been feeling antsy in your career, the Hunter’s Moon on the 24th will bring you clarity and maybe a change of direction you didn’t see coming. Maybe you’ve been jealous of a rival and have to swallow it when they get something you wanted (ugh). But did you really want what they have, or did you just want to win? After the 24th, you’ll know.

5 Virgo  

You might get deep into one of “those” conversations with a new boo on the 2nd where you learn you don’t have quite the same values. (He likes people better than dogs? Come on!) Lean into your differences because this is the discovery phase. Any deal breakers you uncover now are going to matter more later.

The new moon on the 8th brings you sweet money, and you’ll have an opportunity to increase your take. Don’t hesitate to negotiate for yourself now, because the market demand for you is strong. Get that high premium you deserve, Virgo!

The Hunter’s Moon on the 24th wraps up a huge project, likely in the realm of academia, media or publishing, that may have been more stress than it was worth (yikes). With the hard work behind you, you’ll be able to make that determination. But either way, you’re celebrating with some ice cream or a Funfetti cupcake or some other Instagrammable treat.

Kiki O'Keeffe is an astrology writer in Brooklyn. You can follow her newsletter, I don't believe in astrology, or her Twitter and Medium @alexkiki.

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