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Your November 2018 Horoscopes

November is a lot of month. We start with a delightful little new moon in Scorpio. Then, mid-month, Venus finally goes direct at almost the exact same time Mercury goes retrograde, like some kind of twisted comedic plotline (or maybe tragic?). Then we better savor the cranberry sauce this year, because on Thanksgiving night, we have a big, bad full moon—one of the toughest of the year. Luckily ’tis the season for Sagittarius starting on the 22nd, which will lend us the jolly optimism we need to make it through. Look, I admit that 2018 has been a trying year, and it’s all unfolding in the cosmos. But we’re almost done, and trust me, December will be a lot more chill…

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7 Scorpio  

The new moon on the 7th is in your sign, Scorpio, which will help you get anything you want. Seriously, you’ll be surprised how many doors open if you knock, so really think about what you need right now, and go get it!

Mid-month, on the 16th, Venus will finally go direct, giving you something so precious it’s priceless: peace of mind. The planet of beauty and luxury will soothe some of your deepest-seated anxieties (not cure, but soothe), so be sure to take advantage of this transit by pampering your mental health. Meanwhile, that very same day, Mercury goes into retrograde, bringing your finances into…confusion? It’s not that you’ll lose money, but you may be asked to front more than you hoped on a company expense, or maybe the riding boots you hoped would go on sale…didn’t.

If Mercury is whipping up financial uncertainty, this full moon on Thanksgiving night will hopefully bring that ordeal to a close—but it will be painful. You could lose investments, or perhaps you’re dividing assets with an ex-spouse, and deliberations are growing contentious. Know that after this full moon, the worst is over. Then you can focus on eating leftovers and refreshing Zappos to see if those boots do eventually go on sale—they have to, right?!

8 Sagittarius  

This month begins with a lovely new moon on the 7th, which will help you whittle down your social obligations to only those you really wanted to keep. You rarely say no when a friend wants to grab pizza and talk your ear off about whatever drama is unfolding between their kids’ friends’ parents. You may love the drama (especially if it doesn’t implicate you!), but you’re evolving, and you don’t have as much time for it as you think.

On the 16th, Venus goes direct just as Mercury goes retrograde…an astrological window opening as a door closes, if you will. Venus finally making nice means the quality of your friendships and connections will immediately go up, especially if you’re taking the new moon’s cues to pare down on being BFF with everyone. But at the same time, Mercury’s retrograde tour means your most committed relationships may be target #1 for misunderstandings and hurt feelings. Tread slowly.

The Thanksgiving full moon, which peaks late that night, may hit you hard in your marriage or business partnerships. Oof. If you’ve flirted with splitting up recently, this full moon may show you it’s time to actually walk away from each other. If not, you may decide you each need space right now, if only to digest.


This is such a career-focused month for you, Capricorn! First, let the new moon on the 7th remind you how much you love to network. Winning the respect of the luminaries in your field is nearly as important as doing the work itself, and you are in a good position to woo the gatekeepers and tastemakers. If you appreciate the excellence of others, they will lift you up, too. (I mean, them’s the rules, right?)

Meanwhile, on the 16th, Venus goes direct in your house of career. This is great news, because that Venusian slowdown was delaying the public’s recognition of your achievements. Regardless of your efforts, you weren’t shining as brightly as you will be now. But not so fast (of course), because Mercury is going retrograde that very same day, guaranteeing at least one email you really, really needed in a timely manner gets sent to your “Promotions” tab. Ugh. That tab gets you every time.

Finally, the full moon happening late on Thanksgiving night may spotlight some health issue—even if it’s just you feeling lethargic because you’ve been doing a lot of sitting at a computer or mindlessly noshing on fruit-and-Brie platters. Thanksgiving is, I admit, a weird time to think about dieting or discipline of any kind, and I won’t suggest you do that this time. But perhaps think about being kind to yourself, getting outside for a 15-minute walk or doing push-ups in the morning and having enough water throughout the day to stay hydrated. Just don’t forget the little things, like keeping your body alive. You need it for…literally everything?

10 Aquarius  

Get your career, Aquarius! On the 7th, the new moon is basically your lotto ticket to get something made or published or seen by the right people. Make sure you have something to show them, and the odds are ever in your favor, Katniss.

On the 16th, Venus is going direct, giving your publishing and broadcasting abilities a huge boost of good luck. Even if you're not in those fields directly, yours will be the voice that floats above the chaos. So consider using your platform and instincts for equality to elevate the position of others. At the same time, though, Mercury is going retrograde, sowing a little bit of chaos in your friend group. Expect the text threads to get glitchy…technologically and emotionally.

Oh boy, this full moon on Thanksgiving night may instigate a breakup…sorry. No one wants to end a relationship over turkey, but if the underlying issues brought up by this lunar event go unresolved, then consider it a mercy killing.

11 Pisces  

If you’re writing, tweeting or going back to school, the new moon on the 7th will make you sound smart and powerful. Don’t be afraid to speak up, especially when it comes to your career.

That’s doubly important because on the 16th, Mercury goes retrograde, bringing his own chaos and confusion to your career house. Your talents for sorting out misunderstandings, missed emails and Outlook invites that accidentally got sent to Gmail will not only be useful, but vital to keep things moving. VIPs will notice, too. Meanwhile, later that day, Venus will finally go direct (yes!), bringing you some closure on a financial matter that’s been pending for a while. Whether it’s a settlement or good news about a package that you thought had been lost forever (it had been re-routed to China, no big deal), it’ll be very welcome.

The full moon on Thanksgiving night will hit you in your domestic sphere, so if you’re hosting the meal, you are going to feel it, Pisces. You always give of yourself, but you may have the feeling that you signed up for too much. Take a breath and realize that no one is going to cry if you forget the asparagus this time. If you’re traveling, you might feel more homesick than usual… If you need to soothe yourself with seconds, no one can judge you, Pisces. And indeed, no one shall.

12 Aries  

On the 7th, enjoy the lovely new moon in Scorpio, which will help you get paid for something you’ve been waiting on for a while. Venus has been in retrograde for a while now (and that’s why you’ve been wisely holding off on any fun winter cuts or dyes). That all changes on the 16th when the planet of love finally goes direct, gifting you momentum and clarity on your most committed relationships.

But that same day, Mercury goes retrograde, and you know the drill. Careful what you say behind people’s backs, hold off on buying a new laptop this Black Friday (Cyber Monday, too), and keep travel plans as simple as possible. You’ll be doing yourself a favor by springing for the Acela.

At about midnight (Eastern) on Thanksgiving, the full moon could raise major conflict between you and immediate family. So don’t take the bait when they bring up politics. If you manage to eat your leftovers and internet shop without engaging in a minor world war, you’ve won the holiday.

1 Taurus  

Aw, Taurus, the new moon on the 7th may inspire you and your spouse to renew your commitment to each other. Do not be afraid to go as big and public as you want—your friends won’t be gagging; they’ll be genuinely happy for you.

On the 16th, Venus, your planet, finally goes direct, making your day-to-day routines way more palatable. Maybe your company is finally hiring an intern, but either way your workload is about to lighten. Still, don’t get too comfy, because Mercury, like a jerk, is going retrograde that very same day. It may cause a financial hold-up, especially if someone owes you something. Be patient while negotiating; you may have to grit your teeth through this retrograde, but it will resolve itself.

The full moon on Thanksgiving night may stress you out about money. Whatever your holiday plans are, make sure not to exhaust your budget getting there or baking a 49-ingredient organic pumpkin pie. If you want to forgo the spending spree of Black Friday, be that voice of reason.

2 Gemini  

If you were thinking about going vegan or starting a new exercise regime (aka anything at all), the 7th is your day to do it. The new moon in Scorpio will help your ambitions become real-life habits you actually practice.

On the 16th, get ready for the sliding doors energy of Venus going direct and Mercury going retrograde. On one hand, getting Venus back on your side may unlock creative and romantic energy, putting you in high demand among BFFs and crushes alike. But simultaneously, some of your most committed relationships (including your spouse if you're married) will suffer the typos and misunderstandings of Mercury’s mischief. And you may hear from exes. The BIG ones.

Finally, the full moon on Thanksgiving night is in your sign, making you a little bit more of a handful to deal with than usual, especially for your partner, if you’re married. If not, you may face a significant hurdle in your career. You may not be at work that day, but this is a bigger-picture opportunity that feels like it's slipping through your fingers. Don't despair, though; full moons are there to help you practice letting go. There's always another path to success.

3 Cancer  

Oh Cancer, if you've been flirting with someone recently, that crush could turn into something deeper after the new moon on the 7th. Cuffing season might be very real for you.

But tread lightly on making anything official just yet. On the 16th, Venus finally goes direct just as Mercury goes retrograde…ugh. While Mercury may ruin your grand plans to get to inbox-zero at work (not only is everyone replying all, but they are doing it on NEW THREADS!), Venus—back in action—will help you kick back and get cozy at home to recover. If you haven't grabbed a cashmere winter throw to wrap yourself in yet, now might be the time…

On Thanksgiving, keep your attention more on the food than the company. It's not that you're definitely going to argue with family (unless your cousin Sam starts in with his hot take on recent elections…), but you're going to feel…tired. More than any other sign, you will benefit from a little tryptophan nap, and maybe even a digital detox to reset. You're about to enter a very busy holiday season, so sneak in a little zen time for just you to recharge.

4 Leo  

Grand plans for sprucing up chez Leo? If you've been itching to throw up some gorgeous marble floating shelves or meaning to upgrade your houseplant situation (you've finally learned not to overwater, you swear!), then the new moon on the 7th will help you plan to make that all happen this month.

But careful around the 16th, because two major events are happening within hours of each other: Venus goes direct (finally!) and Mercury goes retrograde (no!). Yes, it's unfortunate, but Venus will help you navigate this time by making sure that among all the misunderstandings and chaos, you will, for the most part, be able to express yourself clearly and be heard. That's worth gold right now, Leo. Play the peacemaker when you can, because you have the power. Meanwhile, Mercury's mercurial mischief may bring an ex back into your DMs. If they belong in your past, truly, then don't be afraid to leave them there.

The night of Thanksgiving, make sure you express some gratitude for your friends too. The full moon may cultivate some tension in your closest circle of confidants. If you are unsure of what to say, just use the stuffing to stuff your face—or keep your hands too busy feeding yourself to text back.

5 Virgo  

If you've been itching to take a pre-holiday trip somewhere, consider going after the new moon on the 7th. It could be secretly genius to preempt the season and avoid crowds, and Virgos are all about being secret geniuses.

Meanwhile, the 16th is a changing of the guard when it comes to which planet is bugging us: Venus goes direct, but Mercury will go retrograde. So, while Venus may bless you with a little more money (if you were promised a raise, you’ll see it now), Mercury might play some pranks on you at home (the toilet will overflow/the light fixtures you wanted are suddenly sold out/construction is happening on your block). Equilibrium-wise, you’re essentially where you’ve been, but the balance has shifted. If anyone can adjust without getting vertigo, it’s you, Virgo.

The full moon on Thanksgiving night may exacerbate some of that home stress caused by Mercury (so…the toilet is not fixed yet?), and it may also bring up some tension around your career aspirations. Sure, you likely won’t be at work that day, but if you’ve been thinking about switching vocations or going back to school, you may receive news that delays you or makes you realize the road ahead would be longer than you hoped. Sigh. It’s a bummer, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get where you need to go. You’ll just need to slow your roll and take stock of where you are. In a way, that’s what Thanksgiving is all about.

6 Libra  

Cash money is on your mind, and it may soon make its way into your wallet after the new moon on the 7th. Whether that’s a real raise, a bonus or some free upgrades to your flight, I like your chances for a financial windfall.

On the 16th, buckle up, because your ruling planet, Venus, is finally stationing direct. You can finally experiment with bayalage again! The planet of beauty is in your sign, too, so you’ll be naturally more magnetic and easygoing—even if you’re a ball of anxiety beneath the surface. The thing is, Mercury is also going retrograde just as Venus gets right with God, threatening to mess up your commutes (not to mention visiting family/friends for the holidays). Might want to build in an extra 15 before any major appointment until next month.

Finally, the full moon on Thanksgiving night might really throw a wrench into travel plans, especially if you had a destination holiday in mind—or if you’re trying to get any work done on this break. It’s like a fingertrap; the more you struggle, the more stuck you’ll be. Plan ahead to write off some losses, and have another slice of pumpkin pie.

Kiki O'Keeffe is an astrology writer in Brooklyn, New York. You can sign up for her newsletter, I don't believe in astrology, or follow her Twitter @alexkiki.