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Whew, you made it through the first trimester. (Between the lack of wine and the terrible morning sickness, that’s no small feat.) Enter the second trimester, which thankfully is a lot breezier than the first…for the most part. Here, 13 things running through every mom-to-be’s head between weeks 14 and 28.

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second trimester 1

1. That there is no greater relief than telling the world (or at least your world) what’s been going on with your irrationally tired and nauseous body for the last 13 weeks.

2. But that, as it turns out, everybody kinda knew anyway. (Seltzer + belly rubbing = not so subtle, lady.)

3. That you’re suddenly a total pro at navigating the OB-GYN. (“Pee in a cup? On it.”)

4. That your boobs are OOC.

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second trimester 2

4. …And now, so is your waist.

5. Which means that the old “let me just squeeze myself into these jeggings and leave the fly open trick” is no longer cutting it.

6. Cue the 1 a.m. shopping spree wherein you realize your budget is really more H&M than Hatch. (Tear.)

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second trimester 3

7. That one truly can lie awake all night worrying about stroller options.

8. But that once you settle on a stroller, one of your mom friends will definitely pop up to inform you why it is the wrong stroller and she’s only telling this because she’s been there and you have to get the UppaBaby Vista or you will regret every choice you’ve ever made and probably ruin your child for life.

9. Related: That your mom friends have a lot of opinions.

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second trimester 4

10. That you still miss soft cheeses…

11. And wine. (Convincing your friends that, yes, you’re cool to meet at a wine bar and drink water while they crack open a bottle of Pinot Noir really is an art.)

12. And staying out past 9 p.m.

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second trimester 5

13. But that all the sacrifices go out the window the moment you feel your papaya-sized baby’s very first kick.

14. PS: That you have no idea what a kick actually feels like. (WTF is “popcorn popping” anyway?)

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