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New year, new approach to holy matrimony. These 2018 resolutions are proof that even the tiniest relationship tweaks can go a long way.

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An Oath to Ban the Silent Treatment

It’s the most infuriating easiest way to end/win an argument, right? Wrong. Most therapists and psychology experts maintain that punishing your partner with silence is actually a crucial step in the breakdown in communication (and can, in fact, be a precursor to divorce). Together, make a commitment to outlaw this squabbling tactic in 2018. Take a break from an argument if you have to, but come back with a plan to talk things through and listen to what the other has to say.

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A Commitment to Saying Thank You More Often

Sure, you express gratitude for the big things like gifts or an out-of-the-way errand that your partner runs on your behalf. But what about the teeny-tiny mundane things: The giant pile of dishes he washed; the time she warmed up your car for you? Making an effort to say “thanks” for the small as well as the large shows attention to detail. You notice each other even on the days you feel like ships in the night.

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A Moratorium on Phubbing

Phubbing—the act of snubbing someone by continually staring at your phone—is a reality of the modern world. But turns out it's detrimental to your relationship. (A recent study found that choosing your phone over your spouse leads to lower marital satisfaction and more fights.) Make this the year you resolve to create tech-free zones—say, the dinner table—and put down the phone when having meaningful conversations.

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And a Pact to Never Binge Joint Netflix Shows Apart

Guys, this is 2018. And cheating on your husbo with The Crown is kinda on par with taking up with the pool boy.

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