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Napercise Is the Newest Workout Trend (and Yes, It’s as Glorious as It Sounds)
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Guys, best news ever. There’s a new exercise class that combines two of our favorite things: sleeping and, uh, sleeping. The UK’s David Lloyd Clubs has created a “napercise” workout class (that’s napping plus exercise), and it’s specifically designed with sleep-deprived parents in mind. Apparently, you’ll even “burn the odd calorie.”

Wait, napping counts as exercise? The hour-long class includes 15 minutes of stretching (you don’t want to pull a muscle), followed by 45 minutes of nap time, complete with beds, eye masks, atmospheric music and a cooler room temperature. That’s where the whole burning calories part comes in: Experts at the American Diabetes Association have found that turning down the thermostat even a few degrees can help speed up your metabolism and help you burn more calories while you’re awake. (Sadly, you’ll never torch as much fat snoozing as you would spinning.)

Sounds amazing. But does it work? Sure, paying for a place to nap seems silly (because you know, the couch at home is totally free), but we all know how hard it is to find a little “me time.” Plus, catching some z’s comes with a host of health benefits, like helping you feel less frustrated, making you better able to retain information and even lowering blood pressure.

OK, I’m sold. When can I try it? Bad news—right now, the napercise class is fully booked. Oh, and it’s in southeast London. But if the trial proves successful, the company has said it may roll the idea out nationwide. And then it’s only a matter of time before it crosses the pond, right? A girl can dream.

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