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Sorry, Tea Snobs: Microwaving Your Cup Is Actually Healthier for You

Tea purists, you might not like what we're about to tell you. But all that time you spend waiting for the kettle to boil and steeping it until it's just right might be totally pointless. According to a recent study by Australian scientist Dr. Quan Vuong, microwaving your tea releases more of its nutrient compounds than stovetop heat alone—80 percent versus just 60 percent with that beautiful copper kettle you just bought (sorry).

Even better: these tea compounds have been linked to a ton of health benefits. Theanine, an amino acid, can promote stress relief, and all those polyphenol compounds (a type of antioxidant) can fight signs of aging and support healthy blood sugar and blood-pressure levels. And don’t forget the caffeine buzz.

Dr. Vuong’s method is simple. In a cup, combine hot water with a tea bag and zap it in the microwave on half power for 30 seconds. Remove the bag, sip, and reap the rewards.

Fingers crossed this also works for mac and cheese.

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