A Peek Inside Megan Roup’s Self-Care Routine (That, Yes, You Can Totally Copy)

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As a 20-something millennial, I have a few favorite people on Instagram: Tika the Iggy, Grey and Mama and Megan Roup. One’s a dog, the other’s a 2-year-old and the last is a dancing queen in the fitness world.

As a celebrity trainer with a background in dance, Roup is the down-to-earth California native you wish you could have roomed with in college. As the founder of The Sculpt Society app, she’s also a businesswoman, entrepreneur, newlywed and soon-to-be mama. With so many titles to bear, we couldn’t help but wonder how the fitness influencer finds time to unwind. Weekly massages? Crazy cleanses? $300 seaweed wraps? In an interview about her partnership with Stitch Fix and its newly relaunched active and athleisure offerings, we got a chance to ask just that. And it turns out, Roup’s self-care routine is way more relatable than you’d think.

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“I've always been a big morning routine person, so I usually get up around 7 or 7:30. I always start my day with a pre and probiotic.” (We’ve spotted her using the fan-favorite brand Seed on Instagram.) “I think that's really helpful for digestion. I’ll also do tap water with half a lemon; it just kind of gets everything moving and grooving. Then I’ll make my French press coffee,” using Bulletproof’s The Mentalist blend, “and just take some time to sit and enjoy it. If I rush my morning, the rest of my day ends up feeling chaotic, so I like to take my time. Post coffee, I’ll do a short, guided meditation on The Sculpt Society app,” which helps her feel more grounded and centered for the day ahead. “From there, I really like to get into some movement.”

As the face of her company, that usually means doing a live workout on Instagram or the TSS app and connecting with her community of over 241K followers. Her tried-and-true tip for a successful at-home workout? Find something you love and look good doing it. “When it comes to fitness, whether online or in real life, it needs to be something you enjoy doing because if you're not enjoying it, you won’t be consistent. Also, for me, getting dressed and putting on a cute workout outfit has been a total game-changer just in terms of how I feel and my overall confidence level. I’m someone who likes a lot of different styles,” she explains, which is why her partnership with Stitch Fix felt like such a true, organic fit. “When they send you things, it’s such a nice array of everything you’d want,” from compression tights and joggers to performance bras and loungewear. “It’s easy to gravitate towards the same looks over and over again, so having an expert stylist that can help you hone in on your personal style is amazing.”


“I think most people assume I’m done for the day after that, but I really wear so many hats in this company. I’m on my computer most days,” editing videos, responding to emails, “so I really strive to get outside for a walk as often as possible. I find that to be a really nice act of self-care, to get some fresh air and be in nature because it’s really easy to just stay inside, especially when you’re living in a city like NYC.”

If her day is jam-packed or she missed her morning workout, Roup still finds time to sneak in some movement with her TSS Quickie Program. “Sometimes the idea of a 45-minute workout just feels overwhelming,” she admits (and we concur). Her quickie workouts are only ten minutes long, and they’re specifically designed to target every major muscle group in the body. Plus, since each day is pre-planned, there’s little to no thinking involved. Just sign on and press play. “I find with my TSS clients, the ones that are most successful are following one of my calendars or programs.”


“Sometimes I’ll do a little foam rolling at night or I’ll take an Epsom salt bath, depending on how I feel,” which helps relieve muscle tension, soreness and inflammation, especially after a tough workout. “I won’t do it every night but a little screen time with a magnesium drink really helps to calm everything down. I’ll read my book for about 30 minutes and then I’m off to bed really early. I’m a big sleeper,” Roup admits. “I really prioritize sleep, and I encourage everyone to indulge in it.” According to her Instagram, she’ll also occasionally end the day with a post-shower oil to lock in hydration and keep dryness at bay. “My skin is dry all year round,” the caption reads, “but in the winter it is crazy dry.” Some of her current go-to's include May 11 hair oil, Costa Brazil face oil and Esker Beauty body oil.

See? What’d we tell you? A few totally doable rituals to help you squeeze in some me-time—no trust fund required. “Your self-care routine doesn't need to be long or expensive,” Roup explains. “The most important thing is figuring out what makes you feel good and implementing that throughout the day to keep it consistent.”

*Psst... Want to give one of her workouts a try? Head to StitchFix's Instagram for a free 20-minute session.

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