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Something’s been on our mind lately: Why is it so hard to chill out and just kind Like death and taxes, these days it seems as if stress is just an inevitable part of life. To deal with it, we’ve swapped wine and popcorn for meditation (OK, maybe in addition to wine and popcorn). And it’s turned out to provide way more benefits than we ever imagined. Here’s what you need to know. 

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spiritual meditation miami

It doesn’t have to be spiritual

Mindfulness meditation was developed by Buddhists more than 2,000 years ago, but modern practice can be done without any spiritual connotations (in case that was holding you back). Still intimidated? At Miami’s Body & Brain, you can try a one-on-one class for just $15.

miami life center meditation

It’s great for your health

From stress reduction and improved sleep to heightened focus and increased creativity, simply put, meditation changes your brain. Want to activate more than your brain? At Miami Life Center you can try out walking meditation.

calming mediation miami

It’s so damn calming

Not to get all preachy, but whenever we carve some time to be more mindful, we feel way more centered and remarkably calm. It’s worked wonders after particularly stressful commutes or even to clear our head before writing a story like this (just kidding…but not really). Ayama Yoga’s specially designed space with dim light and candles is an especially calming environment for getting started.

practice meditation miami

It takes practice

Like learning to ride a Jet Ski, you’re probably not going to be an expert the first time you try it. It takes practice to push all the unnecessary thoughts from your mind and focus on being in the moment. The key is to stick with it and recognize that you will get better. And with donation-based meditation classes at Prana Yoga (all proceeds go toward the Himalayan Institute) and Miami Life Center, you won’t go broke while trying to get mindful. 

innergy meditation miami

No time? No problem

Making time to meditate doesn’t have to mean skipping out on an episode of The Bachelor. If squeezing an hour of ommms into your schedule seems impossible, consider doing a quickie. At Innergy, some classes are cut to about 20 minutes. Totally doable.

innergy meditation  margaritas miami

Sometimes it’s free…or involves margaritas

Grab a pair of floppies and head to the Shelborne South Beach Hotel for complimentary beachside meditation with Innergy every Saturday at 10 a.m. or 8 p.m. And if it’s a full moon, meditate under the stars with a margarita instead.

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