The Sex Tips You Need This May, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

May is a hot, sexy month. It’s lush and moist, and our libidos often wake up along with the flowers and the bees. For those of us looking to cross-pollinate a little more than usual, we’ve rounded up some tips based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Focus on the foreplay
It’s especially tempting for an Aries to be goal-oriented when it comes to sex. We get it—we like crossing the finish line, too. But focus a little more on the overall pleasure and not just the big climax. It makes the whole shebang better.

Taurus: Try the one thing you always wanted to try
If you search yourself, you may find one tiny, little, itty bitty kernel of sexual curiosity you’ve never satisfied. Whether it’s experimenting with multiples or simply getting tickled, give it a real try.

Gemini: Self-pleasure ’til the cows come home
You contain multitudes, or maybe I mean, multigasms. Spend some time luxuriating in your own talents, because frequent onanism can overall improve your mood and blood flow. There are worse ways to get out of breath...

Cancer: Get sensual even when you’re not in bed
What feels better than sex? If you said nothing, you’ve never had your hair played with while watching Netflix. The benefits of human touch and intimacy—even in a non-sexual context —are too many to enumerate. And it ups your pleasure during the sexy times, too.

Leo: Do it in front of a mirror
Leos are natural show-offs, so bring that energy to the bedroom by doing it in front of your best audience: you. Remember, you’re not just admiring your own self in the throes of ecstasy (although that too!), you’re getting to share this little performance with your partner. They like to show off, too.

Virgo: Get more often than you give
You’re still a queen even if you like to play love slave with your partners. It can be difficult for you to just lie there and accept pleasure, but you don’t have to lift a finger to make everything you want happen.

Libra: “Do that thing I like…”
Need some help asking for that thing you like? Libras love to people please in and out of bed, so if your partner is doing something good but not great, you may figure it’s not worth it to rock the boat. Rock the boat, Libra! You deserve the moon and stars, and only you know how to get there.

Scorpio: Do it on the washing machine
A garden variety vibe might not provide the depth of sensation that a Scorpio desires. For a fun twist on a household chore, get on the washing machine while it's running and have your partner please you like that. You may like it so much, you stay for the rinse cycle.

Sagittarius: Have sex at interesting times
You’re the zodiac’s adventurer, but not all of us have the lifestyle (or the coffee table) to support an impromptu kitchen shag. Instead of doing it in weird places, do it at weird times, like the crack of dawn, so that you and the sun can rise together.

Capricorn: Sext all day
There's a time and a place for sexy talk, right, Capricorn? Well, what if you relaxed those rules just a bit? Sneaking in a little sexting during the day will ensure you come home hot and ready. Your partner will appreciate the verbal foreplay as well.

Aquarius: Seek inspiration
They say the largest sexual organ is the brain, so attend to yours first, Aquarius. Inspire yourself by watching porn, reading erotica or even just replaying that scene from Cruel Intentions (any scene, really). Where your mind goes, your body follows.

Pisces: Use lube with moisturizer
You're glamorous and sensitive, so why not sneak a little beauty into your sexual routine? Try lube formulated with moisturizer to protect your softest areas from the most vigorous attention. That'll extend your ability to do it again and again and again…

Kiki O'Keeffe is an astrology writer in Brooklyn. You can sign up for her newsletter, I don't believe in astrology, or follow her Twitter @alexkiki.

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