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The sun is lounging around in Taurus, and pleasure planet Venus is on a circulatory whirligig. Astrologer Bess Matassa shares what this unique cosmic cocktail means for every sign in the zodiac.

1 Taurus  

When changemaker planet Uranus shimmies into your security-craving sign on the 15th, it’s time to stop making excuses and get brave about pursuing what lights you up. The question: What elicits your personal “Oh hell yes?” Talking real estate? Get your license! Time with your kid? Talk to your boss about making flex hours a reality. Commit to a goal in writing, or better yet, money—and hold yourself accountable for seeing it through.

2 Gemini  

Generally speaking, you’re pretty darn good at rolling with the punches (being a bouncy air sign and all). But recently, you’ve been beating yourself up over a flub in the love department. With Venus sliding through your naturally-ruled zone of underground intensity, commit to moving past it, and forgiving yourself. Plan something fun with the person you fear you wronged/humiliated on the 29th in order to get the ball rolling. 

3 Cancer  

Your hermit-like tendencies are the reason you’re so grounded—but they can also seriously limit your worldview. When Uranus hits its natural zone of radical reimagining on the 15th, make some new connections and harness your voice. Hook up with a group of like-minded folks—whether that’s test-driving your neighbor’s book club or volunteering for a local cause you care about. Mark the 29th on your calendar for a social event where you can circulate ideas and expand your network.

4 Leo  

It’s in your cosmic DNA to live for the moment (not to mention, the limelight). But industrious Uranus is in your zone of self-sufficiency this month, asking you to take on some big-picture planning. In other words, this is the month to finally set up that college fund for your six-year-old or figure out what your finances would look like if you transitioned to part-time. We know—it isn’t the most glamorous cosmic directive, but the time is nigh, chickadee.


5 Virgo  

With sexy Venus entering the top of your chart this month, it’s time to put sex and romance at the top of your agenda. Coupled? Plan something fun with your S.O. for ASAP. Single? Stop blaming your relationship status on being “soooo busy” and say yes to the dude your friend wants to set you up with. Even if he’s not your soul mate, you just might get some good kissing out of it.

6 Libra  

You’re a people pleaser by nature. But sometimes this means you sign yourself for obligations that drain you, just because you don’t want to ruffle feathers. Use the new moon on the 29th to figure out ways to reclaim your space. Oh, and that person who keeps pressing you to do stuff that makes you uncomfortable? Yeah, it’s time to have an honest conversation.

7 Scorpio  

As Uranus enters your zone of relating and idealism on the 15th, it’s time to challenge your judgmental nature. While you could get all holier-than-thou when you see a playground mommy snapping at her kid, you could also try to empathize. While you could moan and groan about being asked to take on an extra project at work, you could also view it as an opportunity. Challenge yourself to switch off your negative Nancy impulses and instead come at things from a place of compassion. It'll be a boon to your mental well-being and, in turn, your productivity this month.

8 Sagittarius  

The idea of inactivity is like nails on a chalkboard for fiery Sag ladies. But with Venus traveling through your zone of compromise, it’s a month to ground yourself in your relationships. The mission: Forgo your busy social agenda in favor of holing up with your fam instead. This will help you take a personal connection to the next level, whether that’s a romantic discovery with your hubby or a communication breakthrough with your moody teen.


Dear overachiever, it’s time to take a load off. When Uranus enters your playland zone on the 15th, it asks you to reestablish the work/life divide and reclaim some free time. No more emails in bed. No more sunny spring Sundays prepping for the week ahead. Focus on being present—even and especially if that means taking a tech hiatus when you’re off the clock. When the full moon rolls around on the 29th, you’ll be reminded that your best and brightest ideas come to you in a moment of rest.

10 Aquarius  

It’s hard to feel put-together when your home is so helter-skelter. So when Uranus enters your zone of emotional security on the 15th, use it as an opportunity to reset your living situation. Get serious about meal planning, organize those closets or finally call the plumber about that leaky sink. Grounding at home will give you the right perspective when a challenge arises on the 29th.

11 Pisces  

When Uranus enters your zone of material security on the 15th, it’s time to put yourself first. Are you working overtime because you know your team is short-staffed? Hanging out with a toxic friend even though it leaves you feeling ick? Note how and where loyalties are holding you prisoner—and make a power move toward independence on the 29th.

12 Aries  

When it comes to your most important relationship, there’s a major elephant in the room, Aries. And with Venus travelling through your sector of communication this month, it’s officially time to talk about it. Maybe it’s hitting your hubby with some tough love about his woe-is-me attitude toward work. Maybe it’s confronting your BFF about what a flake she’s been lately. The new moon on the 15th is your cue to get radically honest…in order to move on with your life.