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Your May Horoscope Is Here

Big cosmic news this month, guys: The moon’s North Node moves into Leo (where it’ll be hanging out for the next 1.5 years). K, what the heck does that mean? Complicated space talk—but for us, it translates to a mission to greet May days with the carefree abandon of a child. Astrologer Bess Matassa shares the fun in store for every sign in the zodiac.

1 Taurus  

Our senses reset every season, and with Venus leading the way for you this month, it’s time to dedicate some energy to keeping yours happy. Feast! Luxuriate! And don’t worry too much about the repercussions. (Your bikini body efforts won’t be thwarted by indulging at a friend’s dinner party, and your summer vacation budget won’t be ruined by treating yourself to some yummy new bedding.) Feeling good in your body does, in fact, have a ripple effect—it’ll help you do good too, in every area of your life.

2 Gemini1  

Flitting from one project to the next, finishing things halfway and saying you’re going to do XYZ are all in your cosmic DNA, Gem. You always mean what you say, it’s just that you’re easily excitable about sooooo many things (heck, that’s why everybody adores you). But this month your ruler Mercury is stationed direct in Aries, making this a now-or-never moment to really forge a new path, guns blazing. In other words, it’s time to finally start those job applications (and see them through), or tell the guy you’ve been seeing you want commitment or nothing.

3 Cancer1  

Thoughts of a recent unpleasant exchange keeping you up at night (or causing you to curse sporadically under your breath like a mad woman)? We thought so. You’ve got to stop beating yourself up, kid. Literally no one cares. It’s easy to fixate on crummy stuff in the past, but such a darn waste of your energy. So make it your mission to practice nowness this month in order to escape those lingering night terrors: Take a mini vacation to get out of your head, or meditate until you understand what all those hippie-dippie ladies are talking about when they say “be present.”

4 Leo  

The ever increasing pressures of adulthood have you all stressed out, Leo lady. Luckily, the powerful North Node enters your sign this month, bringing with it a return to the simple joys of youth. What made you happy when you were a five-year-old? Was it a day in the park? Hanging out with your Dad? A giant mint-chip ice cream cone? Zoom in and seek that out. This nostalgia and reverence for simple pleasures will actually lead you to a new discovery about your intentions this coming year. (And it’ll also give you all the warm fuzzies.)

5 Virgo  

Are you feeling scatterbrained at work and unable to multitask? Or super-ridiculously tired in the morning? Related: Are these feelings making your hypochondriac WebMD addiction even more pronounced? You probably don’t have Lyme disease, Virgo, you’re just tired AF. Focus on really slowing things down as we move into warm, long days ahead—read, cook, leave early for work so you can meander in at a leisurely pace. With these small adjustments, you’ll be feeling better and more balanced in no time.

6 Libra  

Lavish, loving Venus is the captain of your ship this month, Libra girl. Which makes May the time of me, myself and I. Take yourself to drinks and dinner at a fancy bar or tell your friends you’re out of town this weekend and spend a day luxuriating in the stack of books and magazines you never get around to. (Some lies are truly harmless, don’t sweat it.) You’ll be pleased to discover that this time spent solo is, in fact, the ticket to a successful partnership with someone important in your life.

7 Scorpio  

When you’re feeling bored, you chop your hair off, and when you’re feeling claustrophobic, you book a plane ticket. As the ruling sign of regeneration, you’re hardwired to seek out change as a quick fix solution to your various woes and challenges. (Scorpio gals can’t help themselves.) Except, in fact, you can. Spend time with family and friends, dive into a great book, indulge in a staycation. You’ll find that what will actually give you the most benefit is some grounding—and reminding yourself how very damn good you have it.

8 Sagittarius  

“I’m not a morning person”; “I’m terrible at Spanish”; “I’d never be able to rock bangs.” There are many pretty little lies you tell yourself, Sag. It’s time to change the script when it comes to how you perceive yourself and, even more, how you speak about yourself to others. Positive mantras like “I will meet new people” and trying out new things (whether that’s a fishtail braid or online dating) will provide the positive momentum you need to start speaking out loud, and truly believing in your inherent awesomeness.

9 Capricorn  

A recent flub at work or a poor judgment call in a social situation has you doubting your competence this month. But may we remind you that you are the pre-eminent ambition-loving, hardworking badass of the zodiac? Since you’ve been doubting yourself (unfairly), any cues to reinforce your strength this month will go rewarded. So go ahead and sign up for that boxing class or offer to lead a workshop for the junior staff at your company. You’ll get the job done—like a boss—just like you always do.  

10 Aquarius  

When it comes to what’s best for you, sometimes your body knows better than your mind. (Like last weekend, when you went out with pals even though you could already feel a cold coming on.) This month, make pampering a priority, so your bod can better guide your brain on some iffy decisions this spring. (Yes, you should skip that trip you know in your gut you can't afford.)

11 Pisces  

With the erratic comet Chiron in Pisces this season, it’s a month to show your strength—but Pisces-style, of course. If you’ve been feeling less than inspired at work, consider starting a blog to showcase your passion projects. If a close friendship isn’t actually providing you a good support system, seek it out in other (perhaps older?) relationships. And if nothing else, volunteer at least once this month—the world needs your innate generosity.

12 Aries  

There’s something stressful (in fact, several something-stressfuls) that you’ve been meaning to address, but have instead been tiptoeing around. (Perhaps a brewing confrontation with your bestie, or a work raise you were supposed to get months ago?) With Venus and Mercury both direct in your sign this month, it’s time to be forceful, direct and finally tackle these demons head-on. In other words, be the Aries warrior you are at your core. Even if you don’t get the exact response you were hoping for, you’ll find that merely addressing the issue gives you exactly what you needed: a clear conscience.