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The 2 Words You Should Avoid While Fighting with Your Spouse

Fact: married couples fight. But even if you two are bound to get into it here and there, you can prevent the slow corrosion of your relationship (and keep things healthy) by avoiding these overly used words:

1. Always
2. Never 

You’ve totally spouted these words before: “You always forget to take out the trash.”

…And you’ve been on the receiving end of them, too: “You never call me when you’re running late.”

They don’t seem that harmful, so what’s the deal? Well, it’s easy to fall into “you always do this” or “you never do that,” but chances are, what you’re accusing your spouse of is inaccurate. She’s taken out the trash before, and you’ve called ahead when leaving work late. Why does it matter that it’s not quite accurate? Well, instead of getting to the crux of the issue and resolving it, you guys wind up circling around semantics.

Instead, stick to the facts and, most importantly, how they make you feel.

And actually, if you want to play even fairer, here are the seven rules of fighting to *always* keep in mind. 

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