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That time of the month is never fun. You’re bloated and self-conscious and have mood swings that give everyone whiplash…not to mention cramps that make you hunch over in agony. So what if there were a way to relieve period pain that wasn't just two Midol and some chocolate?

Foria claims to have created a product that does just that. The company, which markets marijuana-enhanced goods for women in California and Colorado, created Foria Relief, a suppository that supposedly relaxes the muscles in your uterus and relieves pain during your monthly menstrual cycle (without any so-called "head high" side effects). 

Each suppository consists of cocoa butter with Cannabidiol and THC (two key active ingredients found in marijuana), is shaped like a small tampon that is inserted vaginally and retails for $44 for a pack of four.

A lot different than that one time you “chilled out” during Jimmy’s basement party? Definitely. A possible way to relieve cramping and pain during your menstrual cycle? Guess we’ll just have to try it to find out. Who's got friends in L.A.?

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