I Would Not Have Survived the Summer Without These Kinfield Mosquito-Repellent Wipes

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Although I do consider myself a snack (sorry not sorry), I loathe the fact that mosquitos do, too. I'm not talking about a bite here and there, either: I'm saying I almost ended up in the ER in July because they went to town on my ankles. (Oh, and let me just tell you, it sucks cutting your dinner date short because you're writhing in pain from bug bites—especially when it's actually going well.) I was never letting this experience happen again, which is precisely why my Kinfield Golden Hour mosquito-repellent wipes review came just in time.

These citronella wipes were my biggest defense against vicious New York mosquitos this summer, and I simply would not have survived without them.

What Is Kinfield?

Kinfield is a clean skincare brand that designs products for your outdoor adventures. Headed to the beach? There's a Kinfield aloe mist to keep you cool, plus sunscreen for your face and body. The brand also offers some pretty impressive mosquito defenses, including a spray you can stick right into your bag, a balm for relief from bites that snuck through and the aforementioned wipes.

What Are Kinfield Golden Hour Wipes?

These wipes are compact, biodegradable and come individually wrapped, which is handy for travel. But what makes them different from other mosquito repellents is the special formula, which has not only reportedly been tested (in two rounds) against Aedes aegypti mosquitoes (the kind that spread disease) by an independent lab, they were also reportedly found to offer an average of three hours of protection—this according to the brand.

They're formulated with lemongrass, clove bud, lauric acid, vanillin and a "special" strand of Indonesian citronella called Cymbopogon winterianus that contains higher amounts of the compounds that repel insects. (BTW, cheaper mosquito-repellent products are formulated with a less effective strain called Cymbopogon nardus, according to the brand.)

In other words, they're highly effective against mosquitos—a fact I can confirm based on my tests.

How to Use the Golden Hour Mosquito Repellent Wipes

Tear the package open, take out the wipe and rub it evenly across exposed skin (including your face!). You can also use it on your toddler, but don't get it on their hands. Kinfield says to avoid using it on open skin and recommends that you do a patch test before using it all over your body.

If it works for you, you can reapply it every two hours or as often as needed to help you stay protected against mosquitos.

Our Review

Mosquitos have been my biggest enemy this summer. Like I said, I almost went to the ER in July because my ankles were throbbing and swollen from bites for a couple of days. I would have tried anything to ensure this never happened again. The Kinfield wipes felt like just the right choice, especially since they're supposed to protect you for up to three hours, and I could stick them in my purse whenever I knew I would be outside.

Once my skin passed the patch test (I rubbed a little bit on my face and arm and waited for three hours to make sure I didn't experience any weird reactions, like swelling, tingling or a rash), I applied it all over my arms, legs, stomach, neck and face right before I went to tan at the pool. My initial reaction? This stuff is strong! And not in the delicious vanilla way buyers have mentioned, but more of a citronella and lemongrass overload. That's why I must say these wipes are not for you if you're sensitive to essential oil-like smells. Even after the three-hour test, it still smelled like I had just rubbed it on. (No need for perfume because you will smell like the plants.) 

After two hours of tanning and swimming in the pool, I noticed I didn't have one bite. My ankles were smooth; my skin was smooth, and I was so happy I didn't have to rush back home for some aloe vera. I even went back to the same restaurant where I had experienced those vicious outdoor mosquitos, and I still didn't have any bites.

Since then, I've been using the wipes every time I know I'm going to be outside for a couple of hours, and I've noticed that reapplying them after three hours does help to keep me protected throughout the day. When I rely on the initial application, mosquitos are bolder (i.e., they'll land on you) after three hours have passed.

I'm on my way to Jamaica, where mosquitos are horrible, so you better believe I have the Golden Hour wipes packed, since I feel like they make me practically bulletproof.

Aka, I can finally live out my hot girl summer...because hot girls don't need the ER over bug bites!

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