Kerri Axelrod

Meet the political consultant turned wellness guru

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It takes serious guts to pack up your entire life and start your résumérésumérésumé over from scratch—but that’s exactly what a 28-year-old Kerri Axelrod knew she had to do to finally conquer her worsening health issues. Kerri closed the books on her pressure-cooker job as a political aide in D.C. and moved north to Boston, where she learned everything she could about nutrition, Ayurveda, positive psychology, yoga, mindfulness and stress reduction resiliency meditation in the process. Today, Kerri is thriving in her second life as a holistic health counselor, where she channels her infectious positivity and personal success story into helping other women experience the same revival she did: true self-love—from the inside out.

On the affirmation that forever changed her outlook. “The earlier part of my career was working in political communications. It was definitely a high-pressure and high-stress situation, and I was always doubting my abilities. One of my first mentors, whom I still keep in contact with today, said to me one day that she hired me to do a job because she trusted that I had the ability to do it. Just hearing her trust in me is something I've never forgotten, almost ten years later.”

On her perfect day. “During the nice weather, it includes practicing yoga at my favorite studio in Boston (North End Yoga), taking a long walk all over the city (along the harbor, through the Public Garden, then over to the Charles River to watch the sunset on the docks). I would end the day with dinner at one of the city's incredible restaurants. Some of my favorites include Row 34, Eastern Standard and slightly outside of the city, Woods Hill Table.”

On how she stays organized. “I write and schedule out every single task to ensure I'm meeting deadlines and do not overcommit myself. In addition to putting deadlines and events into my calendar, I also use a Passion Planner that I never go anywhere without. I break down my goals and tasks on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. It takes a bit of time to organize, but it relieves a lot of stress because I know exactly what I need to be doing each day and week to hit my goals. Lastly, I have a white board over my desk that lists all the big products I'm working on that month so I can visually remind myself what I'm working toward.”

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