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Jupiters in Retrograde and It Might Actually Be a Good Thing

The astrologers have spoken, and it’s an undeniable fact: Jupiter is decidedly in retrograde. From February until June, the planet with the big red birthmark is spinning backward (or so it appears), which throws cosmic forces just slightly out of whack. But never fear, because this turning is an opportunity for growth and reevaluation.

Is it actually real?
Kinda. Our perception of planets moving backward in their orbits for a few months is very real. This illusion occurs when Earth passes a slower-moving outer planet (hey there, Jupiter), which then appears to reverse in the sky for some time. In this case, Jupiter’s in retrograde until June. So, why not make the most of it?

What do astrologers believe?
According to many astrologers, when a planet turns into retrograde, its typical energy is suppressed and inverted. So, because Mercury is the planet of communication, you can blame its retrograde for your scheduling mishaps. Jupiter is the planet of growth and good luck. When it’s in retrograde, you’re more susceptible to greed and gluttony.

So…can you explain the upside?
We thought you’d never ask. Jupiter’s retrograde is an ideal opportunity to reflect on just how much of your motivation is driven by greed (and gluttony). Are you pursuing career goals for the wrong reasons? Are you in a relationship for the wrong reasons? Maybe not. But this is a good time to reevaluate what’s driving your behavior and examine your goals. 

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