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Um, Adult Swaddling Is Officially a Thing in Japan Images

It’s a proven fact: Swaddling your baby, aka wrapping him up like a burrito, will make him calm down and stop crying. So what happens when you burrito-ize an adult? Glorious things, according to the people of Japan. Adult swaddling, or otonamaki, is a new technique designed by a Kyoto midwife, and it’s totally sweeping the country. Here’s the deal.

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What the heck is adult swaddling? First, an adult sits down cross-legged on a thin sheet. A midwife or physical therapist ties the opposite corners of the sheet tightly around her body, including her face (but loose enough that she can still breathe). Then the midwife eases the swaddled adult onto her back and rocks her from side-to-side for 20 minutes.

What are the benefits? The cloth wrapping allows the entire body to relax, and the side-to-side rolling motion massages the back. The fabric also muffles light and sound, creating a relaxing environment. (You know, if you can deal with the claustrophobia.)

Where can I get it done? It’s currently only available in Japan. But until it hits the States, you can (carefully) DIY it with a friend.

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