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With the sun facing off against Capricorn’s mountain-moving energy, it’s time to make like a goat and forge a path into the year ahead. Astrologer Bess Matassa shares the cosmic forecast.


Happy Birthday, Cap! There’s a wild, loony full moon in your sign this month, making it easy(ish) to relinquish your self-appointed role as caretaker. (See: always being the one to organize the family vacations and refusing to delegate out anything at work.) Mid-month is a great time to experiment with what would happen if you were to ditch those micro-managerial tendencies. Spoiler: It’s just what you need to recharge your batteries.

10 Aquarius  

Water bearers are always after the next great adventure, but now is the time for you to slow down and practice being present. When the full moon arrives on the first, identify the places in your life where big picture thinking is preventing you from enjoying where you are. (See: harassing your spouse about saving for summer vacation or dwelling on the promotion you felt you were due back in December.) Then, ease off. The new moon hits on the 16th, making it a great time to inject a grounding routine into your day-to-day—whether that means taking a ten-minute meditation break at work or taking your full lunch break shamelessly. 

11 Pisces  

Sure, it’s cliché, but the phrase “new year, new you” really resonates for you right now, since it means it’s time to finally forgive yourself and others. Beating yourself up over letting your kid eat crap? Silently beating your spouse up over agreeing to that work trip? Speak your grievances out loud to someone you trust (hi, nice long chat with mom), and resolve to let them go. Then swap your mindless TV binging for 20 minutes of reading to fully reset your mind-set.

12 Aries  

Adult friendships are a tricky beast. You want to meet new people, but you kinda don’t want to put in the work to actually find people you like. And recently? You’ve been feeling like you’ve got a million acquaintances...with very few true confidantes. But when Venus enters Aquarius on the 17th, the time is ripe for meeting a true friend with staying power. Commit to being proactive when it comes to "making the first move." But also feel free to decline invitations that feel frivolous.

1 Taurus  

The whole zodiac is making New Year's resolutions, but with Venus slipping into Aquarius in your sign, Taurus gals have the cosmic backing to really turn wish to action. Whatever you’ve been pining for (getting your yoga certification, quitting your soul-sucking job), now is the time to build a support system and go for it. First up: Share your vision with someone who will hold you accountable. Then, add visual cues (hi, cheesy-but-totally-inspiring mantra on your desktop) to help you set those intentions.

2 Gemini  

As a flighty air sign, you tend to throw your hands up and move onto the next fun thing when something doesn’t go your way immediately. (See: looking for a new job or trying to lose those last ten pounds.) But that carefree mind-set is actually your fear talking—and yup, holding you back. With Capricorn’s ambitious planets hanging in your zone of intensity, it’s time to banish feelings of powerlessness and resolve never to take the first no for an answer. Will this be fun? Not exactly. But fighting your cosmic programming—and emerging the victor—certainly will be.

3 Cancer  

With the full moon hitting on the first, it’s a month for reclusive Cancers to own their sparkle. First task: Identifying places in your life where you’re expending too much energy with too little in return. Is taking care of your family’s finances absolutely agonizing? Is your supposed-to-be-fun book club sucking up all your free time? The new moon on the 16th makes for the perfect time to declare how much you’re willing to extend yourself and brainstorm ways to take things off your plate. (Hint: It might be time to hire an accountant.)

4 Leo  

You always blaze into the new year with a new haircut, a new wardrobe and a new resolve to take the world by storm. But girl, what you actually need is some retreat. Your mission? Make like a Cancer and prioritize solitary and immediate family time for harnessing your own deep dreaming. A grounding refresh to your routines (think: sticking to a new gym schedule, instating a Friday family dinner) will give you the fortitude to turn New Year's resolutions to actions when the new moon rolls around on the 16th.

5 Virgo  

With the full moon on the first touching into your zone of group dynamics, themes of belonging will be top of mind. Those perfectly coiffed playgroup moms? Your  “cool group” of coworkers? Spoiler: You left high school decades ago, and it’s time to stop worrying about popularity. With Venus in your zone of body and health, trust your gut when it comes to matters of the heart. Choose quality over quantity and good things will follow.

6 Libra  

Staying on an even keel is your cosmic cross to bear, but there’s a problem at home that you’ve been aching to get off your chest lately. (Maybe your mortgage costs are untenable and you’re thinking of downsizing? Maybe you’ve discovered you don’t like being a SAHM after all.) With Venus sliding into your fifth house of fiery self-expression, resist the urge to bite your tongue in the name of peacekeeping, and speak your mind instead. Yes, telling the truth can be messy, but in the end, it always serves you best.

7 Scorpio  

With Capricorn planets in your zone of curiosity, it’s a back to school month for you, Scorpio. When the new moon hits on the 16th, it’s a great time to reach out to your professional network and find new ways to innovate in your field, or take on a hobby that stimulates your intellectual curiosity. Portuguese for beginners, anyone?

8 Sagittarius  

You love your family, but recently you’ve been feeling smothered. (Can’t a woman brush her teeth without three other people in the bathroom?!) For this new year, resolve to take time away from your spouse/bestie/partner/kids/you name it. When the new moon hits on the 16th, you’ll get a jolt of energy to embark on a solo endeavor (think, training for a marathon or volunteering at the local shelter) that will reset your independent spirit.