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The 20-Second Trick to Putting Yourself in a Better Mood

You snoozed through your alarm. It’s raining and you have nothing to wear. There’s a zit on the tip of your nose and you have no time to wash your greasy hair. And, oh yes, you have an important meeting in 20 minutes.

Just reading that probably made you feel anxious (and for that we sincerely apologize). The good news is that it’s just as easy to turn your mood around.

What you do: The next time you’re feeling down or stressed (like now) or you’re really dreading doing something (like going to that Spin class after work), immediately list some things you love. Examples can be as small as “that first cup of coffee in the morning” or as grand as “my trip to Paris last year.” (Our list includes “that unopened bag of Doritos.”)

By refocusing your perspective and being mindful of the small things that bring you joy, you’ll start to feel that cloud of doom lift. A tad cheesy? Totally. But we swear it’s effective.

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