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Cold season can feel a bit like living inside a slasher flick. First, it strikes one of the other kids at daycare. Next comes your boss. It hits closer and closer to home until...will it take you? We’re gonna go with no, so long as you keep these six immunity-boosting tips in mind.

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wash your hands  chicago avoid getting sick tips


We’re not just talking about your hands here, though it’s oh so important to give those a good 20-second lather after every bathroom trip and before preparing and eating food. You’ll also want to regularly disinfect your phone, keyboard, keys, etc. since these items can become loaded with germs.

workout  chicago avoid getting sick tips


Regular exercise can foster overall health, including your immune response. Not only that, researchers suspect that by promoting good circulation, exercise may help the cells and substances of your immune system to move more efficiently throughout your body. Um, cool. Need a good workout? Here are the ten best workouts in every Chicago neighborhood. Or, if you’re feeling a bug coming on, try working out at home (for free).

sleep well  chicago avoid getting sick tips


Missing your z’s can reduce your T cells, which help fight off germs and viruses, preventing you from getting sick. Even worse, a lack of sleep can prolong your recovery time if you do come down with something. So go ahead, hit snooze.

eat well  chicago avoid getting sick tips


Load up on nutrient-dense foods. Your breakfast of champions includes oats, which have antimicrobial properties, colorful fruits rich in vitamin C and yogurt—its probiotics contain healthy strains of bacteria to help fend off the bad kind.

limit alcohol  chicago avoid getting sick tips


The logic that you can kill whatever germs are lurking inside your body with alcohol sadly does not hold up. In fact, overdo it on the booze and you’ll limit your white blood cells’ ability to destroy bacteria. Guess that means we’ll be making it a mocktail.

destress chicago avoid getting sick tips


Some experts believe that stress accounts for 90 percent of all illnesses and diseases. What can you do to diminish it? Take daily quiet time, whether in the form of meditation or a bath and keep up with your girls—as it turns out, people with strong social support are more resistant to infection and disease. 

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