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We just learned that power napping helps you amp up your learning bandwidth, creative thinking and ability to remember peoples' names. Great news. But getting in those 20 minutes of shut-eye during your busy schedule can be challenging. Here, we tell you how to fit in a power nap to brighten your mood and sharpen your mind.


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Inhale Lavender Deeply
This sleep-inducing herb helps you hurry up and relax already so you can get to sleep fast and then get up to continue your quest for world domination (e.g., deciding what to have for dinner). This Dream Essentials eye mask ($20) has a little pocket in the front to hold a lavender sachet, so you can practically mainline the stuff.

Get the Right Props
The Ostrichpillow Light Reversible ($45) is a lightweight combination eye mask and mini pillow that wraps around your head. Bonus: It’s so funny looking that everyone will leave you alone when you have it on.

Take Shorter, Earlier Naps
Studies have shown that 20- to 30-minute sleeps leave you less groggy when you wake up and that the best time to nap without affecting evening sleep is by 3 p.m. or right around your midday energy slump.

Learn to Sleep Sitting Up
No need to have your own office couch or even a corner to lean into if you use the new NapAnywhere travel pillow ($59). It’s a sort of neck shelf with a strap that supports your head while it’s leaning off to the side. Developed by a physician, this invention provides way more support and less neck twist than a regular neck pillow. Oh, and it folds flat to fit in a briefcase.

Climb into a Nap Pod
In order to increase productivity, companies like Google and universities such as UC Davis have installed pods that allow for privacy, darkness and quiet when taking a midday rest. They’re pricey (about $9,000 each), so you might want to get your fellow employees to petition your boss with you. 

Try the Nappuccino
Since caffeine takes about 20 minutes to take effect, try the coffee/catnap method of increased alertness. Quickly down a cup of coffee (no sugar, since it changes the body’s energy response) and then settle in for a quick rest. When you wake up, you’ll be energized from the caffeine and sharper witted.

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