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In these smoldering dog days of summer, our bedrooms can feel like Dante's inferno even with the old AC unit going full blast. Maximize your sleeping hours (and minimize your body temperature) with these six clever cool-down tricks.

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Swap Your Heavy Comforter For A Lightweight Blanket

You may think the only way to cool down is with the AC, but a lot of times simply switching out your down comforter is enough to save you from those sweaty nights. Go for anything that’s 100-percent cotton. It’s airy enough to keep you cool, and soft enough to double as a top sheet.


And Switch Out Your Sheets Too

The higher the thread count, the less breathable your sheets are in the heat. So, even though it feels luxe to splurge on an 800-count set, you should do the opposite in the summer and aim for a lower number. (For example, this 270-count Brooklinen set.)


Put Your Pillow Cases In the Freezer

This trick will save you from a night spent flipping your pillow in search of the cooler side. About 15 to 30 minutes before bed, stick your pillow cases in a plastic bag (unless you want them touching your frozen peas) and pop them in the freezer. The chill probably won’t last the whole night, but it should keep you cool long enough to drift off. 

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Re-Position Your Fan At the Foot Of the Bed

Sure, it’s tempting to aim it right at your face. But placing a fan by your feet helps circulate cool air without causing your neck muscles to tense up from the breeze. (Also, have you ever had a fan blowing in your face for eight hours? Not fun.)

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Mist Your Face

If you do find yourself waking up in a sweat throughout the night, it never hurts to keep a bottle of face mist on your nightstand so you can spritz yourself throughout the night. Nothing fancy, just something to help you cool off quick.


Sleep Solo

We’re not saying you should banish your hubby to the couch, but keep this in mind: Once temps hit the 90s, sharing the bed majorly increases the amount of body heat. If you have enough room, try sleeping in the spread eagle position so your arms and legs don’t touch each other. It’s the best setup for circulating air.

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