A Brilliant Trick for Curing a Tension Headache Fast

You’re halfway through the day, typing away at the computer, when it hits: the dreaded tension headache. Here’s a super-simple trick to try when you feel one coming on. And it takes only two minutes.

What you need: A pencil (or a pen). 

What you do: When you feel a headache coming on, put the pencil between your teeth and carefully hold it in place using just your lips and teeth for two minutes. (Don’t bite down.) 

Why this works: When you’re stressed, you subconsciously clench your jaw and teeth. This leads to neck pain and (ouch) a tension headache. Placing a pencil between your teeth will help you to relax your jaw muscles, alleviating your headache in the process. It’s a total game changer—no aspirin required.