So you’ve had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. We feel you. Try these 29 ways to de-stress. Avocados, cat videos and adult coloring can help.

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1. Watch The Joy of Painting with the king of relaxation, Bob Ross. Yep, you can learn to paint “happy little trees” with him on YouTube or Netflix.

2. Sniff a lemon. Studies show that inhaling the aroma of citrus can reduce tension, depression, fatigue, anger and anxiety.

3. Try some online retail therapy. 'Tis the season to buy marked-down sundresses and swimsuits (and splurge on fall trends).

4. Feeling anxious about all the stuff you have to do around the house? Outsource your chores with a Task Rabbit and let them do the dirty work.

5. Or, if you must do your own chores, do them mindfully. Research shows that taking time to do the dishes slowly and with purpose reduces stress and anxiety and could even inspire you to do a creative project when you’re done.

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6. Take a warm, candlelit bubble bath. (And for extra relaxation, grab a bottle of wine, too.)

7. Try alternate nostril breathing, a yoga and meditation technique. Plug your right nostril and breathe in slowly through the left nostril, then plug your left nostril and breathe out slowly through the right. Then switch: Breathe in through the right and breathe out through the left. Repeat for two minutes.

8. Get up and exercise, even if it’s only a few jumping jacks during TV commercials. You’ll burn a few calories, release endorphins and reduce stress.

9. Use a meditation app like Buddhify to get a personalized guided meditation for whatever situation you’re in right now.

10. Read your horoscope. Even if you don’t believe in this stuff, it’s just for fun and can clear your mind.

11. Try a yoga video that’s designed to melt away stress and anxiety. This sequence by Yoga with Adriene is super relaxing (and free).

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12. Start a new book—might we suggest a few?

13. Plan a relaxing getaway (and hey, even if you won’t actually get to take it for a few months, it’s still fun to have something to look forward to).

14. Massage your feet with a tennis ball. Ahhh…

15. Truth: Some people can relax just by watching someone else get a massage. If this is you, check out this glorious video and get ready to unwind.

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16. Eat avocados. They’re rich in B vitamins, which help relieve stress.

17. While you’re at it, go for that giant plate of pasta. It’s not as fattening as you might think.

18. Oh, and slather butter all over the pasta. You’ve earned it. (Woohoo! It’s not as bad for us as we originally thought, either.)

19. Go for a 30-minute walk. You’ll be surprised how centered and calm you feel if you do this daily.

20. Binge watch a TV show (Stranger Things, maybe?) with your partner, which studies have shown strengthens your bond. And if you don’t have an S.O., your BFF or favorite stuffed animal works, too.

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21. Drop everything and look at these photos of the world’s most beautiful islands. You feel more relaxed already, don’t you?

22. Don’t worry about worrying. According to this study, it just means you’re smarter than everyone else.

23. Sip some warm lemon water when you wake up and before you go to bed. It’s a soothing routine with tons of health benefits

24. Do some oh-so-calming adult coloring (preferably in a Lisa Frank coloring book). 

25. Paint your nails. Here are some brands to try

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26. Buy some grocery-store flowers to brighten up your home. (And here’s how to quickly arrange them so they look gorgeous.)

27. Watch some cat videos. Studies show laughing actually boosts your creativity and productivity when you’re feeling drained.

28. Do an easy DIY project. Fancy a pineapple houseplant?

29. And if all else fails, there’s always wine ice cream floats

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