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We make the same resolution every January, and while we usually start off strong, by the middle of February it’s back to the same old, same old. Enough is enough...We’re here to help you over the hump. PureWow Editor Sarah Stiefvater, who lives for any workout that makes her sweat buckets (and feel like Rocky), gives us a week-by-week breakdown on how to tackle exercising without feeling overwhelmed.

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Week 1: Swap Happy Hours for Friend Workouts

Getting back to the gym after weeks (months?) of indulging is tough, but having a friend there makes it easier. Instead of hitting the bar after work, grab your pals and do a workout instead. Opt for doing something that encourages teamwork, like indoor rock climbing, so it feels more like a fun social activity rather than a tiring exercise class. Don’t forget to fuel up once you leave the gym. Not in the mood to cook? Reach for a can of Well Yes! soup that’s filled with good-for-you ingredients to give you a boost of post-workout energy.

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Week 2: Pick One Workout Move and Master It

Pushups, squats, pull-ups. Choose a move (bonus points if it's one you totally hate, which would be crane pose for us) and spend a week truly perfecting it. Watch tutorials or ask a trainer at your gym and really devote yourself to becoming the most efficient lunger that has ever lived. Have faith in your body. You’d be surprised at what you can do.

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Week 3: Try a Workout that Intimidates You

“For me, that means dance cardio,” Sarah says. Single out a class that you kind of want to try but has always scared you and just go for it. The nice part is that gyms are usually full of newbies during the month of January (new year, new you, right?). So even if you're not the best in the class, chances are other people are at your same level. Solidarity, y’all.

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Week 4: Work Out Every Day

Yes, every single day. But don't worry, it isn't for forever. Sarah suggests, “Do one marathon week of workouts.” Note: Don’t only pick the craziest, most intense ones though because those might be really tough on your body. Instead, alternate between spin classes and boot camps and slow-flow yoga. You got this.