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Go for a run? Nah, not you. You’re way more of a yoga/cycling/anything-in-the-world-but-running type of gal. But hear us out. There are five really easy ways to get psyched up about—and actually enjoy—going for a run.

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Treat Yourself to a Luxe Sports Bra

If you’re not excited about what you’re running in, you’re less likely to do it. Plus, a quality sports bra that gives you support and lift (like this one from Aday) will make your boobs feel like a million bucks no matter how hard you pound the pavement.

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Craft a Mix that Matches Your Run Around the Park

If you know it takes you 34 minutes to jog three miles, it’s worth it to spend the time making a playlist that matches the exact length of your route. This way, your brain (and tired body) will know, when it hears Beyoncé, you’re in the home stretch. Yessss.

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Seek Out a More Scenic Route

Sure, it’s easiest to hit the ground running straight out your back door, but altering your route—even if it means driving for five minutes to reach a good one first—can help you get excited about the zen you’ll feel during your morning (or evening) jog.

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Cue Up a TV Show You've Been Meaning to Binge

OK, let’s say the treadmill is your only option. Most likely, it comes with a TV attached (or nearby), making the time you spend running the perfect chance to catch up on Real Housewives or whatever other show you’ve been trying to find time to watch. Total win-win.


Use An App to Clock Your Distance

Seriously, there’s something so satisfying—and motivating—about seeing all the miles you’ve covered in the form of a mini-map. Nike+ Run Club is our favorite when it comes to this neon view. Permission to share and brag about your five-miler on Instagram granted.

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