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As the weather cools down, we often reach for heavier meals and favor Netflix over the gym. All of this leads to a not uncommon (but not exactly welcome) uptick in the number on our scale. Not this year, friends. This fall, we’re setting out to lose five pounds by making these healthy diet and exercise swaps.

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Swap Spaghetti Squash for Pasta

We were skeptical, too, but after trying many of our favorite carb-heavy dishes with spaghetti squash instead of pasta, we’re total converts. This stringy veggie mimics the texture of pasta with a fraction of the carbs. Plus, most of the time we’re in it for the toppings anyway.

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5lbs run

Peep Foliage on Trail Runs

Sure, you could go on a nature drive, but that’s not going to do anything for your metabolism, is it? Instead, go on a nature hike or run to get your heart rate up while gazing at fall’s prettiest colors.

Joyful Healthy Eats

Eat Seasonal Superfoods

Rather than giving into processed foods, take advantage of autumn’s healthiest produce. In addition to spaghetti squash, fill your fridge and plate with stuff like Brussels sprouts, pumpkin (and pumpkin seeds), pears, cauliflower, pomegranates and sweet potatoes. Not only are most of these low calorie, they’re also packed with nutrients and vitamins and will keep you full way longer than the cookies and chips you thought you wanted.

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5lbs orchard

Pick Your Own Apples

This one’s doubly good for you. First, apples are in season and super healthy (an apple a day, you know?), and second, if you pick them yourself, you’re getting a little extra exercise you wouldn’t have gotten by simply grabbing a bag at the store. Plus, if you reach for the highest ones on the tree, your calves will totally burn after a few hours.

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5lbs leaves

And Rake Your Own Leaves

This year, don’t pay someone to get your yard in shape; do it yourself. Raking leaves is a great workout, what with all the bending and twisting and lifting. It's also way more enjoyable to get a workout in in the crisp autumn air as opposed to a sweaty gym. After a job well done, reward yourself smartly with, say, a few spoonfuls of homemade cinnamon applesauce

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