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Hey, you: Self-deprecating humor is OK once in a while, but if you’re regularly feeling down on yourself, it’s time for a confidence makeover. Here are eight easy ways to get an instant boost of positivity.

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Start with a Mantra

Pick an empowering statement that resonates with you and repeat it throughout the day. It could be simple, like “This will be my year,” or more fabulous, like “You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyoncé.” Print it out and tape it to your desk, carry it in your wallet or just repeat it to yourself as needed.

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Wake Up 15 Minutes Earlier

It’s tough to feel polished and put together when you’re scrambling to get ready every morning. Sacrifice a tiny bit of sleep to be able to smooth down flyaway hair, put on a necklace you love and take a deep breath before you hit the door.

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Practice Power Posing

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy has a genius trick for projecting confidence: Put your hands on your hips. Not only does it make you look more powerful, it’s scientifically proven to make you feel more powerful and reduce your cortisol levels. (Even if you’re just doing this to yourself in the bathroom mirror.)

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Take a Social Media Hiatus

Whoa, science says that Facebook FOMO can lead to depression. If you’ve been feeling envious of your high-school rival’s trip to Tuscany, take a weeklong break from Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. There’s no reason to compare--your own life is pretty damn awesome, too.

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And While We're at It, Take a Fashion Mag Break

If the unattainable images in magazines are making you feel insecure, put down the latest issue of Photoshopped Celebrities Monthly and pick up The New Yorker. See? This “Talk of the Town” column is much more fascinating than Taylor Swift in a bikini…

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Iron Your Clothes

Or steam them. Or have the dry cleaner do it for you. It sounds like a small adjustment, but it’s much easier to present your best self when you’re not wearing a wrinkled shirt.

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Squash Negative Thoughts

Quieting the endless stream of insecurities running through your mind is easier said than done. Yoga and meditation are great ways to stay mindful, positive and help you shut off that internal monologue. 

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Compliment Five People Every Day

Hey, you don’t have time to feel down on yourself. You’re too busy gushing over your co-worker’s outfit, cheering on your friend who got a new job and telling your mom her email made your day. Your positivity will make them feel more confident, too. 

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