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You’ve always been a busy woman--and, until recently, you’ve prided yourself on your ability to get it all done somehow. But lately, you feel a little frazzled and things are falling behind. Here, five easy ways to regain focus so you’ll be more productive again.

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Time your caffeine intake

Ahh, coffee. You don’t need to tell us about the magical effects of the stuff--we live by it. But are you getting the most from each delicious cup? Instead of mindlessly sipping throughout the day, try waiting until just before you sit down to tackle specific tasks you need to finish (like that report you’ve been putting off for days). Make a hot cup about a half hour before you need to jump-start your brain and then get to work.

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Sit near a window

So you don’t always have the luxury of being able to step outside for lunch. (Really, who does?) Find a sunny corner of your home or office and sit by it for a few minutes every couple hours. Natural sunlight boosts your mood and alertness so you’ll not only focus better, but you’ll be happier about it, too.

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Fire up the right scents

Certain aromas like peppermint or cinnamon are known to stimulate your brain and make you feel more alert. Light a candle or get a small bottle of essential oil to whiff whenever you feel that afternoon slump coming on.

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Load up on the (good) fats

We’re talking about omega-3s that come from foods like avocados, walnuts, salmon and tuna. (As if we needed another excuse to have sushi for lunch!) Regular consumption of omega-3s boosts your mood and memory (and, by the way, it’s good for your skin, too).

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Stop multitasking

We’re all guilty of it at times. But it’s actually less efficient to split your brainpower between tasks (and potentially make mistakes), than it is to just devote your full attention to one thing before moving on to the next item on your list. Better yet, take a whiff of cinnamon between tasks.

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