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A stranger cursed you out on your commute, you forgot you had a brief due and, to top it all off, your S.O. is giving you the silent treatment. Essentially, you’re sitting at your desk having the most crap-tastic day ever. Don't despair: Here are 23 quick little things to do to put a smile on your face...and hopefully, even turn the day around. 

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1. Scroll through the swoon-inducing feed of this Labrador breeder and watch videos of baby puppies snuggling and taking their first steps.

2. Move into a sunny spot in your home or office and let a sunbeam warm your disposition.

3. Brush your hair out of your face into an updo. (One less thing to manage today, eh?)

4. Put on some lipstick—and maybe use a dab as blush on the apples of your cheeks. 

5. …Then slide into a pair of heels. Power mode time!

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6. Watch this little girl’s epic pump-up speech in front of the mirror. (“I can do anything good. Better. Than. Anyone.")

7. Then give yourself a micro mirror affirmation—even if it’s just a wink or smile.

8. Try a random act of kindness, whether that’s holding the door for a tide of people or gushing over your coworker’s new handbag. (Warm fuzzies work, y’all.)

9. Sign out of your social media accounts. Your favorite blogger’s perfect OOTD isn’t going to make you feel any more put together.

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10. Seek out some green space (a park bench, a patch of grass) and enjoy 15 minutes of fresh oxygen and prettiness.

11. Think about babies. (When people are being jerks, it’s good to remind yourself they’re probably just tired or hungry and aren’t actually all that mean.)

12. Run an “errand” and treat yourself to a little luxury you’ve been coveting, like a magazine or a potted succulent.

13. Listen to Megan Tietz’s podcast, Sorta Awesome, and let a bunch of amazing women remind you that you don't have to be perfect to be a badass.

14. Organize and sanitize your desk. Little victories! 

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15. Find an easy comfort food recipe to look forward to tonight. (One-pot mac and cheese, anyone?) Invite your bestie to join you.

16. Drink a cozy, comforting beverage (like a cup of tea or chai latte), and let the warmth and aromatic smells soothe you.

17. Write a Post-it note with five awesome things about yourself. Stick it in a book or drawer where only you can find it.

18. Write down one thing that’s really bothering you (you've got too many projects on your plate) and a tangible first action step (getting time on your supervisor's calendar). 

19. Drink a ton of water—hydration is the best and easiest way to feel better in your body.

20. Watch this video of a little girl narrating a coffee table book about cats. We dare you not to smile.

21. Accomplish something nagging you’ve been meaning to tackle (like paying your electric bill or signing up to volunteer next weekend) and feel at least a little weight lift off your shoulders.

22. Pop out for a midday pedicure and enjoy having the entire salon to yourself. (Donna and Tom were onto something.)

23. Take your pulse. You're alive and thriving. Feeling any sunnier? We thought so. 

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