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Can’t concentrate on any one thing because you feel like there are a million tasks to tackle? (Um, story of our lives.) Sometimes all you need is a little nudge to push forward with the day. Here, seven ways to feel accomplished immediately so you can be more productive overall.

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pay bills list

Pay Your Bills

Welp, it’s not the most fun, but a few taps on your phone or laptop will take care of all your monthly payments. This way you don’t have to worry about late fees and you’ll know exactly how much money you have left for the good stuff—like dinner and wine.

friend list

Reconnect with an Old Friend

You know the old college friend who messaged you out of the blue a few days ago? Yes, we know her email got buried under a pile of more urgent ones. But take a few minutes to write back (and relive the simpler times when your to-do lists consisted of going to class and the bar).

small clutter list

Pick Up the Small Clutter

A deep clean takes time, but tidying up the smaller things (like throwing dirty clothes into the hamper or fluffing the throw pillows on your couch) takes seconds and makes your space look so much better.

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make bed list

Make Your Bed

…And along those same lines, a properly made bed tidies up your room in five minutes.

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Purge Your Cabinets

Half-empty bottle of hot sauce? Toss. Random packets of ketchup? Corral them into a container so they’re not scattered all over the shelves. Milanos? Um, maybe we’ll keep those.

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clear inbox list

Organize Your Phone

Have a few seconds? Delete any apps you haven’t used in months. Have a few minutes? Organize the photos from your last vacation into albums (and maybe share them with Mom while you’re at it).

shower list

Take a Shower

We’re not talking your usual harried, jump-in-and-out shower. We’re talking 20 minutes of scalp massages, hair masks and exfoliating scrubs. You will emerge a new woman. We promise.

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