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The holidays are over just about as quickly as they started. And while you may have had one too many servings of, um, everything, don’t worry, because we’re all in the same boat. Here, six ways to bounce back. (Fad diets not included.)

let the sun in

Step Into the Sunlight

Night after night of singing along to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” has seriously messed up your sleep schedule. Since light naturally synchronizes your body’s sleep-wake cycle (it re-centers the suprachiasmatic nucleus [SCN], the part of your brain that controls your internal time clock), take a moment to bask in the UV rays first thing in the morning to stabilize your habits.

daily water intake

Amp Up Your Water Intake

The holidays often require a ton of traveling—and probably more than a few cranberry cocktails. It’s essential to rehydrate, so drink more water than you normally would (for the record, daily intake varies from person to person). Consuming more H2O will also help curb any lingering cravings for sugary food.

Sponsored del monte fruit refreshers

Swap Fruitcake for Real Fruit

It’s probably safe to assume you overindulged this holiday season. Look, we’re not judging—because we did, too. And while we’re still daydreaming about the never-ending supply of pistachio biscotti, it’s time we switched to a snack that’s just as tasty and a lot healthier. At 100 calories or less, Del Monte Fruit Refreshers are individually packed with refreshing fruit waters and delicious fruit combinations. You might even forget all about Grandma’s apple pie.

easy yoga stretches

Bring Out Your Inner Yogi

We don’t blame you for wanting to stay on the couch all day watching The Crown because you feel bloated and run down. Ease out of your rut with Yome, a free online yoga community that gives you access to hundreds of videos, so you can start moving without even leaving your house.

normal routine

Get Back to a Normal Routine

It’s nearly impossible to stick to a schedule while entertaining family members who sleep on your couch for a week (cough, cough, cousin Matt). As soon as the holiday madness comes to an end, bring back one aspect of your usual routine—a cup of coffee while reading the paper, morning yoga, meal planning. A little structure will help kick-start productive habits and prevent you from sleeping until noon.

cool color combinations

Make Small Changes That Have a Big Impact

At the start of every new year, it’s common to set grandiose goals—lose ten pounds, rid yourself of debt, transform your entire wardrobe…overnight. To prevent burnout, start off by making small changes that can have a big effect on your mood. For instance, try refreshing your daily outfits with unexpected color combinations or learn a new trick for layering before you go splurging on that new $300 embroidered jacket.

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