What 2020 Looks Like for Your Sign

The New Year is upon us and luckily for all signs, 2020 is shaping up to be a year of major abundance and growth. Astrologically, this year will be particularly huge for water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, who will be particularly sensitive to some of the major celestial changes the heavens have in store. While each sign has their own personal 2020 journey to embark on, this year will be huge across the board for challenging yourself, reflecting and getting out of your comfort zone.

12 aries

It’s time to get that passport ready, rams, because this is going to be a year of travel, study and expanded horizons! 2020 brings professional and personal success for you, as this active and goal-oriented sign reaps the rewards of some good habits sowed in 2019.

Love: This year, Aries will be less focused on flings and more focused on finding deeper levels of intimacy, whether it be with someone they just met or a promising new acquaintance. Aries will find the ability to forge strong connections with current or future partners, particularly in the month of April when love-crazy Venus passes through your sign.

Money: Aries will find themselves getting more serious about money this year as they seek out a greater sense of security. Budgeting tools, financial advisers and investment apps will all be your friend this year as you look to develop more discipline in your financial practices across the board.

Career: This is the year a project or skill you’ve been keeping on the back burner comes to the forefront. This will be a high-energy year, with Saturn making you want to increase your focus on efficiency and time management. Later this year, an out-of-the-box new business opportunity could take your career in amazing new directions. Keep an eye out.

Health & Wellness: Fitness goals are not going to be at the forefront of Aries’ minds this year, as they’ll be more focused on professional growth and development. Try as best you can to stay connected to self-care practices, and when in doubt, connecting to nature is always a good way to revitalize your sign.

1 taurus

2020 will bring bulls some much-needed serenity in their home environment, as well as bringing purpose to their goals and helping break through walls and out of blocks. This year will be all about reflection, love, home and family. Basically, all the things that really matter in life.

Love: This year could be challenging romantically for Taurus, but relationships that make it through will be stronger than ever. Be wary of flying off the handle with loved ones when the pressure from other parts of your life starts to get the better of you.

Money: This will be a year of significant financial gains for this hardworking earth sign, ushering in a new era of financial stability. Use the windfall to put in place a safety net and chip away at long-term debt so you can make your prosperity last into 2021 and beyond.

Career: The start of this year might be tough for bulls trying to kick-start their careers as they’ll face difficulty managing their shifting goals. A change to your daily routine could help get the creative juices flowing faster while you wait things out until spring, when something you considered a hobby could turn out to be your next big adventure.

Health & Wellness: This year, bulls will be all about developing good health and wellness practices. Focus on establishing a new health and wellness routine that feels both manageable and exciting as a way to cope with days when you’re feeling creatively or emotionally stuck.

2 gemini

This year for Gemini in particular is all about building solid foundations. It’s time to really dig in and figure out what you’re really about. This will be a self-focused time of hard work that will take you into 2021 in a completely different place than when you started.

Love: Relationships come easier this year, so breathe a sigh of relief. Be on the lookout for a summer love that could develop into something more substantial, maybe even with someone a bit older than yourself. Stay open to new and interesting possibilities and they will arise for you!

Money: This year will be about growing your financial security and independence. As a result, you could face financial conflicts with those you care about as you break free and strike out a new course on your own. As your security develops later in the year, you’ll also have the opportunity to give back more substantially to causes that are meaningful to you.

Career: Geminis will take center stage at work this year, stepping into a more front-facing role in a new position. Expect to feel real satisfaction with your work life in 2020 and also to expand your knowledge and expertise in extremely valuable ways.

Health & Wellness: With all the career success you’ll be experiencing this year, you need to watch that you’re not putting a strain on your health. Maintain your physical checkups and make sure you’re going to the doctor as issues arise so that easily fixed ailments don’t spiral out of hand. There’s no shame in taking a sick day!

3 cancer

For Cancers, the New Year will be 365 days of honoring yourself while also expanding your ability to help and heal others. Working through past events will propel you to new heights in a year that will be focused on reading, writing and honing your craft.

Love: This year’s big lesson will be all about learning to set boundaries. An abrupt upheaval in your romantic life will pose challenges in this very area. Don’t worry, this shift will be brief and followed by a period of increased fun, playfulness and adventure in your romantic partnerships. Enjoy it!

Money: Cancers will make great financial strides this year, but it will require increased focus and discipline. Get your spending under control and invest in some long-term financial commitments. Steer clear of mixing your finances with friends this year, as those partnerships could be messy and less than fruitful for both of you.

Career: 2020 will bring Cancer a confidence boost that will propel them to higher heights and attract new opportunities. This will also be a year of increased creative output for Cancer, so follow your instincts and keep in mind that career bumps met with humility will turn into valuable lessons before you know it.

Health & Wellness: Cancer’s hard work in this arena will start to pay off in summer, when you’ll be literally glowing from the outside in. Don’t be surprised if people start asking for your wellness and beauty routines, as your glow-up will be instantly noticeable.

4 leo

The year will pose a lot of challenges for Leos, but also amazing opportunities for growth. This will be a year of expanded inner knowledge as Leos learn to handle responsibility and accept reality. While this may sound scary, the next 365 days will also bring luck, joy and optimism for Leos who are willing to stick it out and learn from mistakes.

Love: This year, Leo, you will face challenges as people who do not appreciate or value you the way you need may try to elbow their way into your life. Don’t let them. Avoid searching for long-term commitments until after the spring, and late summer should have your love life back on track and better than ever.

Money: The first nine months of 2020 will present an interesting financial opportunity for Leos, but you should proceed with caution. Use a late-summer boon to your bank account as an opportunity to get your affairs in order. The area most worth investing in this year is your home environment.

Career: This year may bring you challenges in a leadership role, but if you use this time of testing as a learning experience, you’ll win big. Don’t let increased responsibilities turn you into a tyrannical boss. Remember to be someone you’d want to work for.

Health & Wellness: Health and wellness will be another area of difficulty for Leos this year. You could face a health challenge that will put your current health and wellness routines into perspective. This is a year to get serious about following the doctor’s orders and will be instrumental in developing healthy routines for years to come.

5 virgo

For Virgos, this is especially a year of empowerment, self-discovery, work and discipline. A huge boost in momentum at the start of the year will propel you forward in all areas of life, but a focus on family will help to keep you grounded.

Love: Virgos could face some upheavals in their romantic life this year as their ideas about love and relationships undergo a major overhaul. Don’t be surprised if a rapid turn of events completely upends your love life in a way that will ultimately be for the better. In short, ups and downs will occur, so just try to enjoy the ride.

Money: This is an exciting year financially for Virgos, who could benefit from taking some financial risks. Early fall will attract a lot of financial gains for these earth signs, and they’d be wise to put it to good use investing in the future, even if it’s not a sure thing.

Career: Don’t be surprised if a major career shift takes you into a whole new line of work this year. This is a time for leaning into the unexpected and accepting new responsibilities even when you’re not 100 percent sure you can take them on. By opening yourself to new possibilities, 2020 will bring a renewed excitement and joy to your work life just as it had been starting to feel old.

Health & Wellness: Increased work stress at the beginning of the year will force Virgos to make real and lasting changes to their health and wellness routines in 2020. This year will bring a natural increase in activity that, when coupled with a renewed focus on diet, could lead to amazing results.

6 libra

2020 for Libras will be a year of powerful changes as they grow their relationships with intimates and acquaintances alike. This year will have Libras feeling more connected to their inner child, finding joy in parts of life that may have felt stale previously.

Love: During the March eclipse, Libras may be left disappointed by a relationship they were counting on. Be prepared to take care of yourself during this time and put a support network in place to help you handle the romantic funk it brings on. In general, this year will be more about fortifying existing relationships than forging new ones.

Money: Libras will be feeling the urge to splurge this year in order to make up for stressors in other parts of life. Luckily, this will be a year of financial gains, meaning you’ll have room to try new things and expand your horizons. Focus your spending on learning new skills, and don’t be afraid to take risks. Success (and money) will follow.

Career: You might feel hindered in some situations at work this year, but connecting with your creativity and ingenuity will be what helps you through. This will be a great time for your personal ambition, so don’t be afraid to lean into a side project or hobby. You may be surprised how the skills you hone there will prove useful in the workplace later on.

Health & Wellness: This will be a year of expanded spirituality for Libras, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself suddenly interested in all things woo-woo. Sage, crystal, reiki healing—anything you can do to strengthen your spiritual vibe. As a bonus, this increased focus on your spiritual self will leave Libras with improved stamina in both body and mind.

7 scorpio

Get ready for some major growth this year, Scorpio! 2020 will be all about reaping rewards from past actions. Now is the moment for success in your projects, both professional and personal, as well as increased abilities and competency in your field. Who doesn’t want that?

Love: You’ll be mostly maintaining the status quo in your romantic relationships this year. 2020 will be all about appreciating what you’ve got, whether it be an amazing partner who supports you or an amazing self that finds worth and meaning in independence.

Money: Get ready for a harvest year, Scorpio! Wealth and financial stability will come easy to you in 2020, making it an important time to conserve for the future and plan ahead. You’ll be experiencing increased vision, clarity and personal power this year, meaning it is the perfect time to expand (or create) your investment portfolio.

Career: Scorpios might find themselves overwhelmed or exhausted with a time-consuming work project, but that should clear up mid-year when changes (for the better) in your work situation bring greater clarity about your future. Be careful not to push too aggressively with coworkers or subordinates during this time, as you could see your reputation affected later on.

Health & Wellness: Your personal health will be great this year, but it may be time to step up to the plate and help with the health of someone close to you, particularly from the older generation. Take opportunities to become a caregiver as they arise, and you may find yourself unexpectedly fulfilled.

8 sagittarius

For Sagittarius, this will be a year of great changes as archers try to rework their place in the world. Luckily, Sags will have tons of mental energy and focus to help make this transition and find what them truly happy.

Love: Take chances in love this year, archers! Things might seem rocky for your love life in the springtime, but when the dust settles, an unexpected person could be exactly what the doctor ordered. Don’t be afraid to suggest an out-of-the-box date night or to spice up your dating app profiles with a less-than-perfect pic that just screams you. Anyone who can’t handle it is not your person anyway.

Money: This will be a year of abundance across the board, but be careful when diving into new investments or joint ventures. Use this year’s bounty to invest in yourself over others and exercise caution with major purchases. More stability will come in the fall, when some of your personal changes have settled and you can begin looking more seriously at new opportunities.

Career: This year is more about personal than professional growth for you, Sagittarius, so you might see continuance of the status quo in this arena. But don’t despair! The work you’re doing personally will bring big professional gains in the future, and contacts you make now could end up being extremely beneficial to you down the line.

Health & Wellness: Part of the personal growth you experience this year will be a deepening of your spirituality. This will be particularly important come springtime when your energy might be feeling a bit sapped. During this time, it will be important to reconnect with yourself through a meditation practice or any other self-care that helps to bring you inner peace.


When it comes to Capricorns especially, these next 365 days will be *the* time to focus their mind and really build the world they want to live in. 2020 will have goats finding new ways to make their lives unique and will be marked by a renewed enthusiasm for the things they love.

Love: You may struggle to find balance in your romantic life at the start of the year, leaving you feeling unloved and underappreciated. This will last until spring when communication improves, allowing love to bloom in summer and lead to something long-term. Have patience.

Money: This year brings positive energy to your finances. You’ll find opportunities abound when you stay the course and focus on long-term partnerships (not like you’ve ever had a problem with that). Now is not the time to give into outside influences or new endeavors. Now is the time to build assets.

Career: Capricorns won’t see a dramatic change in their career this year, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still room for growth. Focusing on relationships with coworkers and forging new alliances could lead to something big in the future, particularly at the end of the year when some of the skills you’ve been honing will prove very, very useful.

Health & Wellness: Capricorns will see the status maintained in this area as well. While 2020 won’t bring any major change or newfound interest in the health and wellness categories, it’s important you maintain your work-life balance so you don’t allow health practices to fall by the wayside.

10 aquarius

2020 will be similar to 2019 in many ways, which can be tough for a sign like Aquarius that’s always looking for a new adventure. Take time to reevaluate your relationships this year, deciding what is worth maintaining and what needs to be let go. Ultimately, 2020 will be a year that will require calm, patience and the ability to relax.

Love: This will not be a year for forging new long-term commitments, Aquarius. In fact, this will be a year in which you may have to let some relationships go, leading to understandable feelings of pain and loss. You can cope with these feelings by focusing on self-love and heightened independence.

Money: Big sales, promotions and financial windfalls all come your way this year. Be sure to keep a particular eye on any relationships with a financial component (roommates, business partners, Mom and Dad) as they could stand in the way of financial independence. Spring is a good time to ask for outside assistance in planning your future, so don’t be afraid to reach out to a financial planner or money-savvy relative.

Career: You could find yourself experiencing a bit of restlessness midyear while you wait for some hard work to pay off. In order to stay motivated, keep in mind that you’ll feel most fulfilled when pioneering new ideas or innovating in your field. This year you exude self-confidence, which will help draw opportunities to you.

Health & Wellness: New Agey Aquarians will be feeling particularly drawn to alternative medicine and holistic practices this year, particularly at the start when you may face some minor health challenges that make you look at wellness in a different way. Joining a group devoted to health is one way to help manage the stress that may come from other relationships in your life.

11 pisces

Get ready, Pisces! 2020 will be a year of abundance. Self-love, confidence and creativity will all come easily to you as you work to correct some negative perceptions about yourself and plan for the future. Emotions you’ve blocked in the past will resurface, but this time as an opportunity to work through them once and for all.

Love: This is a year about reflecting on past relationships rather than forging new ones. What hasn’t served you in the past? What patterns do you not wish to repeat? While your confidence and joy may draw others to you this year, it will ultimately be more about finding love with yourself than with others.

Money: This spring, an eclipse will turn early-year losses into big, big gains, so it’ll be important to be flexible. Be willing to restructure financially and really dig into your own philosophies around money. There will be points this year where you’ll be feeling like you have the Midas touch, so it’ll be good to have your priorities in order so you know what to do with the newfound wealth.

Career: This will be a year where you find confidence and freedom in new ventures, so don’t be surprised if your career takes a different form than what you are used to. Go beyond your comfort zone. This will be a year when you find freedom and new ventures.

Health & Wellness: An increased focus on diet and exercise will come easily to you. This will be a fun year for your sign, and maintaining your health will be paramount to living it up to the fullest.

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