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Hatchet Throwing Is the Newest Workout Trend (and Were Kinda Scared to Try It)
mountaindweller/Getty Images

Here at PureWow, we’re all about a weird fitness trend. Hula hooping? We tried it. Trampoline class? Super fun. But the latest one might take the (wacky) cake: hatchet throwing.

Yes, hatchets, as in axes. Hatchets that, after you've learned some safety rules and techniques, you throw at wooden targets for two arm-burning hours.

With roots in Viking and Native American traditions, axe throwing is taking off as a modern-day way to tone your core, shoulders, back and arms, thanks to facilities like Stumpy’s Hatchet House in Eatontown, New Jersey, and Urban Axes Philadelphia in Pennsylvania.

Basically, you and a few friends (Stumpy's requires groups of at least four) pay around $20 per hour each for safety training and a throwing lesson, after which you're on your own. From there, you can civilly work on your technique or, if it suits you, turn it into a friendly competition among pals. 

While we’re not sure this will ever replace our beloved spin classes and boot camps, hatchet throwing is a fun way to work your muscles while feeling like a total badass. (Just don’t lose your grip.)

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