5 Endorphin-Fueled Workouts That Will Get You into Fighting Shape

We Miamians tend to be a pretty active bunch with all of our beachside bike rides, late-night dancing and tireless quests for our next great meal. We also love a challenge: From boxing to boot camp, these are the workouts we keep coming back to.

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Boxing at the Box

Warding off the Black Friday crowds at Bloomingdale’s was just about all the stress we can take for the rest of the month. Work off that bad energy at Miami’s first technology-driven boutique boxing studio. Your heavy bag will personally track your unique “knockout score,” a number that represents your activity level during each 45-minute session. Oh, and expect to work your entire body—arms, core, back and legs—while you’re at it.

3301 NE First Ave., #104, Miami; 786-431-0936 or betheknockout.com

Yoga Basically Anywhere

This slow but mighty workout is a force to be reckoned with. Not to mention, Miami is replete with free classes. (Hello, more money to spend on holiday gifts.) We’ve done all the heavy lifting and rounded up the best sessions sans a price tag. What’s your excuse now?

Courtesy of Redbike

Cycling at Redbike

In addition to blasting calories, this feel-good workout class gets endorphins flowing with its never-ending positive energy. Bikes are free of screens, giving riders a 45-minute tech break (which we all know is usually very necessary). Plus, the studio hosts a handful of themed classes every week. Playlist of back-to-back Beyoncé, Bieber and Britney? Sign us up. 

18725 Biscayne Blvd., #350, Aventura, 786-613-7561; 1399 SW First Ave., #102, Brickell, 305-646-1499; or redbikestudios.com

Water Biking at Element Aqua

This workout has aspects of traditional cycling (like the high calorie burn, upbeat music and full-body engagement), but instead of pedaling in a dark room, you ride in a waist-deep pool. The result: a low-impact sweat session that accomplishes the same toning and tightening while managing to feel like a trip to the spa.

6200 NE Fourth Court, Miami; 305-570-5569 or elementaqua.com

Supercharge at the Fit Shop

Talk about an hour of power. Once you’ve picked up the basics of boxing—from uppercuts to jabs—you’ll blend your moves with power and speed in a high-intensity boxing and boot camp mash-up. Expect to work your entire body and leave feeling like Jell-O (but, like, in a good way).

2066 NE 155th St., North Miami Beach; 786-916-6930 or thefitshop.com

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