These Probiotics Are Perfect for People Who Can't Be Bothered with Probiotics

Let’s talk about probiotics. We know they’re good for us, but they don’t make it easy to love them. First of all, they’re expensive. Second, they’re kind of inconvenient. Most have to be stored in the refrigerator, making them relatively incompatible with an on-the-go lifestyle.

If you’ve ever skipped out on the multitude of health benefits for those reasons, meet Gutsy.

A line of probiotic powder from SimplyBiotix, Gutsy makes taking probiotics a total no-brainer.

Instead of pill form, it comes in single-serve packets of sugar-, soy- and gluten-free berry-flavored powder. Combining probiotics and vitamin D (for its immunity-boosting benefits), the powder dissolves on your tongue—no water necessary. It’s perfect for people who hate swallowing pills, kids or those who travel a lot. (We keep ours in our desk at work.)

Each packet sends 3 billion live cultures of two well-researched probiotic strains (Bifidobacterium lactis Bl-04 and Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG) right to your gut to support the healthy bacteria. Even better, though, a 30-day supply of Gutsy costs just $25.

Basically what we’re saying is, balancing your gut microbiome has never been so easy.

sarah stiefvater
Sarah Stiefvater

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