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News Flash: Americans Have No Idea What Nutritionists Think Is Really Good For You

Where healthy food is concerned, we tend to think of ourselves as pretty in the know. We recognize that leafy greens are good for us and McDonald’s fries are not. But, according to a new study by the New York Times, there’s actually a lot of gray area when it comes to the general public knowing what you should and shouldn’t be eating.

The Times surveyed 2,000 Americans and almost 700 nutritionists, and while some foods were pretty much universally considered healthy (like kale, almonds and avocados), others were a bit more contentious. For instance, about 90 percent of nutritionists classified quinoa as a superfood, versus less than 60 percent of the general public. 

The biggest difference of opinion came when participants were asked about granola. While 70 percent of average Americans said that granola was healthy, only 30 percent of nutritionists agreed. That’s probably because the majority of granolas are loaded with sugar (which, if you haven’t heard, is pretty much the new smoking.)

So take a look at the list, brush up your label-reading skills and maybe stick to an egg and veggie bowl for breakfast.

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