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Science Says Stressing Over Giving the Perfect Gift Is Totally Pointless

If you’ve spent the past few weeks desperately trying to come up with the perfect holiday gifts for everyone you know, stop stressing right this second. According to a new study published in Sage Journals, people are equally pleased with thoughtful gifts tailored exactly to them as they are with a quick, easy gift you grabbed at the last minute.

Researchers found that the problem with stressing over finding the “perfect” present is that the gift giver tends to focus on the moment of exchange as opposed to use of the gift over time. And while it’s a wonderful thing to see your sister’s face light after opening a hand-weaved scarf you spent weeks making, in the long run she’ll be just as happy with a hat you found on sale at the mall.

Instead of thinking solely about the big reveal, look for gifts your friends and family will actually get use out of. Sure, nice wool socks aren’t exactly the sexiest gift, but you can bet they’ll be used and loved all winter long.

Bottom line: People just love getting gifts. So, don’t go crazy trying to tailor every present to a specific person. They will love you, and the gift, no matter what.

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