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Your apartment is perfect...minus the fact that you haven’t slept in months because of all the noise outside. Don’t worry: We’ve got the solution. Here are six ways to get a better night’s sleep (no earplugs necessary). 

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Move around your furniture

First things first: Figure out where the noise is coming from. Is it the yelps of bar-goers carrying from the street through your window? Your death-metal-loving neighbors’ music pounding through the wall? Pinpoint the source of the noise and move your bed as far away from it as possible. It may involve some heavy lifting, but desperate times call for desperate measures.


Embrace the cool

Even if you don’t need to make your bedroom any cooler, turning on your air conditioner fan will muffle the noise. Play some soft, soothing music and you’ll barely hear those Cubs fans yelling on the sidewalk outside.


Try a white noise machine

If the AC is working but not getting the job totally done, you might want to invest in a white noise machine. The relaxing sound of rainfall is definitely easier to fall asleep to than your neighbor’s drum kit.


Invest in some interior design

You’ve been eyeing that rug at West Elm for a while. Now you’ve got an excuse to decorate. Soft surfaces--rugs, curtains--absorb sound, so add as many plush surfaces to your bedroom as possible.


Hang some tapestries

Your place doesn’t have to look like a college dorm room, so avoid any and all blacklight Bob Marley posters. Instead, try the adult version, like these loomed wall hangings from Anthropologie, then hang them on the loudest wall to dampen the sound.


Drink sour cherry juice

If all else fails, try this trick we swear by: Drink one eight-ounce cup of tart cherry juice in the morning and one in the evening. It’s a natural source of melatonin and tryptophan, so you’ll sleep like a baby right through those honking cab horns. Sweet dreams…

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